There was a thread up here a few weeks ago about sitting in the front of a rollercoaster not being so bad. Thank you so much, it really helped me! We went this weekend (planned at the last minute since we’re moving out of FL to NC). I rode everything that I didn’t in June to include Thunder Mountain and Splash Mountain. Now I did not ride Expedition Everest. Had a great time, so glad we went because we’ll be 11 hours away now instead of 3. MK was busy Saturday, not too bad Sunday, AK wasn’t too bad Sunday, and EP wasn’t too bad Monday.


Also I had said I got a reservation at Tusker House a week before, never did go that weekend. I was too nervous to take the kids by myself but did it this weekend. Didn’t even try to get any reservations.


I did not see the thread about seating on he roller coasters, but there are differences, I think in the front you have less time to see what is around the bend versus the rear.

In rockin Roller Coaster I like to be in the middle, for some reason the rear seems to throw me around more and I get a headache


Glad you had a good time, and got a good dose of magic before you move further away!