Romantic Disneyland


My wife and I are going to DL and leaving the kids home. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for places to eat, things to do etc… that are good for people who are kind of grown up. In the park or not I do not care.


Hi Bromar! Welcome to DC! :biggrin:

Eating at the Blue Bayou is always romantic, or the dessert buffet during Fantasmic is a good choice! (You have to reserve ahead for that.)

In Downtown Disney there are some quieter, nice places to eat…or go into the Grand Californian and just sit in the lobby and listen to the piano player! :wub:

Hubby and I enjoy riding the darker rides (i.e. Pirates, Haunted Mansion, Pooh) during Fantasmic when it’s slower and we can get a boat/car to ourselves. :heart:

In DCA, the Pier is REALLY romantic as it gets dark outside. We also love going to see the Aladdin show in DCA.


I think the Blue Bayou would be way romantic for 2 love birds.(lol). The atmosphere can’t be beat, and the food really isn’t that expensive. Walkways/bridges surrounding the castle at night (off to the side of the main walkways, basicly no crowds) There’s the water, the gleeming castle etc. Just a suggestion.


How could anyone possibly go to Disneyland and even think of leaving the kids at home?! :ohmy:


Oh, it’s easy…there’s lots of “grown up” stuff to do!

Bromar, I’d suggest the Napa Rose in the Grand Californian for dinner one night. Also to stay at the Grand Californian. If you don’t stay there, at least plan to visit one evening. It’s a very romantic hotel.

In DCA the Vineyard has good italian food, and more grownups than kids.

I also second the recommendation for the Fantasmic dessert buffet - it’s held on the balcony of the Disney Gallery - a very romantic spot.

Stroll along both Paradise Pier and the Rivers of America at night.


LOL! :angel: Buy me and DH a pair of plane tickets, and watch how fast we’d ditch the kids!!! (SSSsssshhhhh… don’t tell them, though!)


We’re going over the 4th without the kids…unless you count DH and myself as kids!!! :laugh:


My Xdh and I went to DL a few years ago without the kids, I was so worried about my kids that I did not have a good time. But we did get to go to this really nice restaurant called anthonys riverboat restaurant at Newport beach. It is on a riverboat tht is also a Nautical Museum. The food was great, and I loved the way it looked in there. sometimes they have live music to. I am sure you will have fun, I just did not like leaving my kids with who I left them with, they were miserable. If i knew they were having a good time I could have enjoyed myself a lot more. plus my marriage was not doing very well so that did not help. that is why he is my X DH! :whistling


i would say blue bayou ALL THE WAY. its a lovely experience. :slight_smile: hehe…and CHA!!! Disneyland itself is Romantic… ::sigh:: okay so i live in a fairy tale world…there is nothing wrong with that!!!


When the wife stays home with the 1 year old twins 24/7 she needs a break and during that break I wanted to do Disney so we compromised.


Yea, for a really romantic type dinner I would say an evening at the Napa Rose, you will love it!


I meant was that if would hate for them to miss out (if I had kids, but don’t yet!). Sorry about the misunderstanding! :redface:


Well, I know a lot of people like to have a nice romantic evening under the castle. A nice quiet spot nearby is where the snow white water fountain is to the side of the castle. :heart:


If you get over to California Adventure, they have the Mondavi sponsored wine tasting and restaurant.

Some YUMMY ports to taste with cheese, without the bother of children, might be a nice diversion…