Romantic ideas?


Ok, so, you all know I’ll be spending my first wedding anniversary in WDW. Now, I just need any ideas you may have on ways to make our trip more romantic and special. I really want DH to have the best time possible!

Here’s what’s already planned. For our anniversary day: MK during the day, Towncar service from CBR to GF for V&A’s, then we’ll take the Monorail to the Contemporary for drinks and Wishes on the balcony, Towncar will pick us up at 9:30pm from Contemporary and take us back to CBR.
Over the course of the trip, we’ll be eating at Les Chefs de France, Le Cellier, Kona, Crystal Palace, Mama Melrose (Fantasmic Dining Experience), Chef Mickey’s, and Wolfgang Puck’s. The F&W Festival is also on my “Must Do’s.”
We have tickets to La Nouba. I’m also planning to spend an evening at Atlantic Dance Hall to put our swing lessons to good use!

Anything I should absolutely do that I haven’t already thought of? TIA!


Oh, and, I also have viewing the 9pm Water Electrical Pageant (whatever it’s called) from the Poly after dinner at Kona.


How about a romantic setting in your room after your return from drinks & wishes. There are services that will do that… or you could make an excuse and send hubby out of the room early and do it yourself. Maybe champaign, flowers, candles, etc.

Do you plan to get the bride and groom ears… I think that is cute also.


How about looking into a night time cruise in 7 sea’s lagoon ?


Thanks! I’ll look into trying to do something in our room. :slight_smile: DH gets terrible motion sickness so a cruise like that wouldn’t be nice to his stomach. LOL :wink: Great idea though!


Sea sickness wouldn’t be a fun thing. you can always get a bottle of wine and sit outside and enjoy the moonlit sky’s or the fireworks over the MK from the Poly beach


That’s funny…we took swing lessons as newlyweds too!!!

How about looking into a carriage ride around POR?? That’s very nice, the grounds are so beautiful. You can bring along an adult beverage of choice as well!


Thanks lauren! I’ll check into that too. I think we need more like 10 days! LOL :slight_smile: The 8 we have are filling quickly!

We took a few swing classes before we got married along with ballroom (they choreographed our first dance). We had such a great time and our instructors opened their own studio so we decided to pick it back up several months ago. They have a Friday night dance that is an hour long swing lesson and then an open dance until midnight so you can practice and dance with other people, all for $10 per person. :slight_smile: It makes for a great date night!


First off, congrats on the anniversary! My husband and I just got back from Disney (9/15-9/21) for our 6th anniversary and we had a blast.

I just have one comment to make about your romantic week. While we were there, we had reservations at Crystal Palace (it was our first time eating there) and there is nothing romantic about that place!!! In fact, it was the very opposite. We felt very out of place because we were the only couple in sight. Lots and lots of screaming children and the tables are right on top of each other so there’s no chance of talking across your table. We ended up eating as fast as possible and getting out of there! I suppose that it is popular for families with small children because it’s a character meet, however, the characters spend more time with you at the parks in those lines then they do at dinner!

If your intent is to have a full week of romantic experiences, then I would warn you that Crystal Palace is not for you. If you are going for the experience, then by all means, have at it. I just didn’t want you to be disappointed like we were. We didn’t expect a quiet, low-lit, couples only place, but we had hoped to be able to talk to each other, and that was simply not possible.

Good luck on your trip- I hope it is a fun as it is magical!!!


We had our “date night” at Artist Point on our last trip. We had a table by the window and I have to say it was a wonderful night. the waiter was great and contributed to the experience, explaining the foods and wine selections from the pacific NW. He boxed our bottle of wine for us to take home, only drank half of it. Nice stroll outside before dinner. All in all, very romantic and quieter (~9 PM) than some of the other restaurants.


Thank you for your congrats & thoughts! I totally agree that CP is NOT romantic. LOL The many times I’ve been, it’s always loud and overly crowded. The only reason I have it booked is because there isn’t anywhere else worth going in the MK and we need somewhere to eat before SpectoMagic and Wishes. I don’t like the type of food at Liberty Tree and I haven’t heard much that’s great about Tony’s. So, CP it is. I don’t necessarily want every single minute to be romantic but definitely some pieces! I guess CP will be one of the less romantic pieces. Haha!


why not start the day doing a hot air balloon. then spend the morning at Disney’s Blizzard Beach. make sure you get lots of photos on your photo pass. also get a free pin from central hall to let everyone know its your anniversary.

Then for a fantastic meal try out Narcoossee’s. arrange this around m.k fireworks.:wub: :ohmy: arrive at Narcossee’s by boat from EPCOT. this is very romantic :heart: :heart: :heart: . when you make reservation let them know the special occasion and they will try to give you a window seat and dress up the menu sheet personal for you two.

we did this last year for our honeymoon. people in the UK thought we were mad going on honeymoon to Disney (they just don’t understand that it for adults).

hope you have a fantastic time and all the best for the future.:mickey:

Jim U.K


Oh good! Glad you’ve been there. I was just worried you’d be disappointed!!! Sounds like you will have an awesome trip!!!


Okay, you just blew my breakfast plans for our 10th anniversary at MK. Is there a good romantic place to have bfast at MK. DH is definitely not very good in crowded noisy restaurants so I need to come up with another place to have bfast. Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.


All the bfast places I’ve been are loud and busy. If possible, I wouldn’t make breakfast your main meal for a special day. Dinner will almost always be more relaxed and romantic. Try to stick to places where a child’s attention span won’t work (dinners that require more time) or places where characters don’t make appearances. GL and Happy Anniversary!


How about a Disney World Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride at Saratoga Springs Resort? They are $35.00 for a 25 minutes ride.


I didn’t know about that! I’ll try to fit it into my schedule. I really like that! I’ve never been able to talk DH into taking a carriage ride here in Kansas City on the Plaza so that would be great!


I would say dinner at CA grill would be nice to add if you have time and I would check on Atlantic dance as far as I know they are either closed or closing it soon…I hope you have a great time!!


Atlantic Dance closed?! Really? I’ll definitely check into that. Thanks for the heads-up!


No problem, i just tried finding something online about it but I couldnt find anything but a castmember friend of mine told it was closing along with the All star cafe in thw wide world of sports (being converted into a quick service). I sent her a message to double check so I assume it will still be open for your trip!!