Romantic Resorts


Can someone please recommend a romantic resort that DH and I can stay for our 10th anniversary? We will be traveling July 14-17 and would like a room for less than $150/night with a passholder discount. Speaking of discounts does anyone know if there are room only discount offered during this season?


With a passholder discount, you may be able to get one of the cheaper Deluxes for $150/night…and I consider AKL & WL the most romantic Deluxes PERIOD! :heart: They are sooooo fantastic. So those would be my first recommendations.

If you went with a Moderate, though, I would definitely recommend Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter. (If you choose Riverside, try to stay in the Magnolia Bend Mansions).

CONGRATS on the upcoming anniversary! :biggrin:


I second what Dznygrl said. WL is an awesome cheeper delux, and can be had with the AP discount for around $150 or so (not peak season)I think. Just make sure you call and get your reservations the morning the discount is released… sometimes they run out of discounted rooms at some resorts. I LOVE POR too … it is so romantic… The best mod IMO and with the AP discount it usually is under $100(once again not peak). But if I had the choice I would go with WL first. Just remember it’s Disney after all… can you really go wrong?


I have to agree with everyone, WL can be very romantic. Even if you can’t get a discount, standard rooms are only $199–not too much more than you are looking for. POR looks like the most romantic moderate, I love the theme.


I dunno, for sheer romance value I’m gonna have to say the Floridian absolutely cannot be beat.:wub:


The Bates Motel…I mean…Port Orleans, Carribean Resort, Grand Floridian, Poly, AKL, AND WL!!!


BW!!! Nothing beats it!


The Boardwalk is great and so close to everything in the WS of Epcot - all the best restaurants…


Thanks guys for all your suggestions. DH is not into Disney like me so he probably wouldn’t care which resort we stayed in. I really want him to enjoy our anniversary too and not just go along because Disney is my thing so I am still debating on traveling to Disney during this time. I’ll keep you posted…


I knew it was too good to be true…DH is not a disney fan like me so we won’t be going for our anniversary…it’s ok we’ll head to the beach instead! Just as long as he doesn’t mind me going solo when I need a fix!


CSR is very romantic, especially at night. Take a walk around the path surrounding Lago Dorado, stop on the dimly lite wooden bridge and the main buildings reflect into the water. Stop at one of the hammocks or stroll through the courtyards of the casitas. Check out my website below for pics.


well…if you dont want to sprinf 400 bucks on a AP…
I vote for Port Orleans Riverside and French Quarter…very romantic…and economical!


Personally I think any resort other then the Values are romantic. The point is, you’re in WDW celebrating a special event. I know, gag gag, but I guess I’m a romantic at heart.


Port Orleans French Quarter is great, especially at night. The sky is dark, the lamps are lit, and the smell of magnolia blossoms is in the air. Perfect for an evening stroll.


oooooooooh all of this talk is making me yearn for WDW even though I’ve never been. I think when I finally do one day go I want to stay in Port Orleans French Quarter, it looks lovely


I would really like to hear your thoughts on BWI. I’ve never really read a TR on it, and this is my dream resort, having already been to the Floridian. I am really hoping to book the Boardwalk for our 2nd wedding anniversary in September. Can you tell me about your experience there, positive and negative?


I think that the Poly is the most romantic I love it there at night when they are lighting the tiki torches and sitting on the beach in hammock watching the fireworks at MK… Ahh I wish I was there now.


You’re right wedindisney, as much as I didn’t care for the rooms at the Poly, the grounds were beautiful at night with those tiki torches.