Ron Paul Blimp Buzzes Disney World


WOW, talk about a captive audience…

Ron Paul, republican candidate for president, whose grassroots supporters raised over 10 million dollars in only two days have gone one step further flying a blimp to spread his message. For the past few days the blimp has been seen hovering over the Walt Disney World resort, circling the resorts for all the guests to see.


UMMM, don’t people know that all Disney parks & resorts are “politics free zones,” just like Mousebuzz is. :laugh: Don’t go ruinin’ my happy places with reality & the real world floatin’ above my head… literally :laugh:


Yeah, I know. After I posted this thread, I read the thread from Mickey back from 2004 that was bumped. Sorry…:blush:


no no no, I was being facetious. Don’t feel bad, but let me tell you that if I was in WDW or DL and started seeing politicial messages, from ANY party, flying over my head I think I’d just lose it & start catapulting large boulders at the blimp. :laugh: :laugh: The nerve, Disney is SOOOO not the place for reality. :laugh: :laugh:


That’s interesting…there is STILL a “Temporary” Flight Restriction over Disney World left over from 9/11/2001.

I wonder if the polliticians have exempted themselves from FAA regulations like they have many other laws…


If this is true, they are definitely breaking the rules. We witnessed a small plane that they use to spell out words with the exhaust (or whatever) flying over Epcot & OKW last June. They were spelling out Jesus :heart: U & other sayings.


I agree with Wishy, don’t ruin my happy place with the “real world.”

Let me be in my magical place where a Mouse is in charge and everyone is happy.


Like Mousebuzz too. :laugh:


That wacky blimp came to Boston in December and was supposed to hover over the Tea Party Reenactment at my museum but the weather was terrible that day so I’m not sure if the blimp was actually out there or not. Looks like it is making the rounds!


I couldn’t agree more… but some just can’t let it be!:pirate:


Mickey Mouse for Prez!!


I think the world would be better off if he would run… :happy:


I agree he should respect our rights to not deal with all of this while we are there. I hope the FCC slaps him. and Yes Mickey mouse should run… id vote for him. and minne for VP


Just curious about one thing…

Politics aside, what exactly does a presidential campaign hope to accomplish by circling a blimp over WDW in mid-February? The Florida primary is over, and how many people in the Disney parks are from states that still have primaries/caucuses left?

You would think that money could be better spent by circling a blimp in the states with upcoming voting dates, where the message would have greater effect. Doesn’t seem like money well spent, unless the blimp pilot is just a fan of the candidate and is doing this on his own…?


I’m surprised that Disney is allowing this to fly overhead. I thought the there was a no-fly zone rule above the property.

I’ve also seen the planes spelling out messages over the parks. I saw this several times when I was on the college program.


The no fly zone doesn’t really exist. Over the MK there is a flight restriction that requires any aircraft flying through this area to maintain 3,000 ft or more. All the other parks are normal height requirements. Thats why you see sight seeing tour helicopters over epcot and the studios all the time.


My guess would be that the only reason to do that would be simply to get more eyes on the name of the candidate, and hope that someone will look up his positions? He’s a guy with no chance whatsoever, so maybe the total point IS so someone will wonder “What’s up with this wacky Ron Paul guy who doesn’t even seem to know the primary is over?”

I don’t know. <shrug>


Jeesh…I agree with Wish about the “reality” having no place in WDW. :laugh:

It was bad enough when there was a MetLife blimp flying overhead the ENTIRE time we were there last week. :dry: A political blimp would have irked me even more! (Hey I’m the one who would change the channel every time DH tried to turn on the news at ASMu…WDW is no place for the “real world”! :tongue:)


Wacky is a perfect description for him. Maybe he felt he would fit in well at Disney. Perhaps as a CM. :laugh:


The metlife blimp proably didn’t have much choice about going over WDW. It was landing about 1 mile or less outside of the wdw property line. It was there for a little over a week, but I think its gone now. It’s quite a popular spot for blimps to land when visiting the area.