Room at CB for twin air mattress?


I know this is a similar question as “roll away” thread but has anyone specifically at CB used a twin air mattress on floor? Would there be room for one betwen door and bed or in corner if table was moved for the night? Our circumstances include taking teen grandson and one of his friends (both big guys) and one bed is not going to work very well unless we have to.
Thanks for any input. We will be driving and have room to take mattress but my concern is having room to put it down. And also could we just stand it up against wall in morning or would we have to deflate and put it away. Would they care?


The room at CB have much more space than the ones at Pop and other value resorts. You would be able to fit a twin between the front door and the first bed across from the table and chairs or at the foot of the beds. Would have to be a twin size air mattress though to work.


Would they Care?

When I asked that question a few years ago when we were staying at Saratoga, they said they didn’t mind as long as we did not exceed the guest limit in the room. We ended up not using it because the kids were comfy enough on the pull out sofa bed.


It would be tight but there is enough room between the bed and the door. It is right. We just had a crib in there with 4 other people. It had to stay organized. With the addition of queen beds it makes the walkways tight. It is possible though.


We were there for a school function and the 3 women staying in the one room didn’t know each other well, so an inflatable matress was used. It was a little tight but it worked. Mouskeeping didn’t complain.


plenty of room. did this last trip when the three kids had one room and my dh and I had the other room.

If you move the table around that works. . .also room in between the two beds. :mickey: