Does anyone know what room I should request at OKW? I think we want a first floor room. We would like a room by the main pool, with the slide. We will have a 2 br villa and a studio. Do you get maid service at this Resort?



We like Building 18, great view, and close to a quiet pool and bus stop, but not real close to the main pool, so I can’t help you on that one.

As far as maid service goes, will you be paying cash or using DVC points?
If you are paying cash, you will get maid service daily, just like any other WDW resort. If you are using points, you will get Trash/towel service on Day 4 of your stay.


We have stayed in Building 23 all 3 times we’ve been at OKW…here is a resort map

its one of the closest buildings to the main pool, Olivia’s, Community Hall etc…when you pass the main parking lot, main pool etc and cross the bridge, its the first building on your right

its about a 2 minute walk from building 23 to the main pool…there is also a bus stop right in front of the building as well

we always get a 1st floor room as well…facing out onto the lake

as for maid service…we just used our DVC points, yet we got maid service everyday…so I dont know if we payed extra or not (since my parents take care of all that)


We stayed in building 14. We have children and in regards to proximity 14 was the best. You going to have so much fun there, what a great place.



thanks all. I will try for those buildings. Sounds like 23 or 14 is close to where I wnat to be. Anymore suggustions for OKW would be great.


I don’t really know which buildings are closest to the main pool, but this is a great resort. I don’t think you will be disappointed. I would recommend the first floor…it was great not having to climb steps at the end of the day after walking so much.


I would say14 is the closest to the main pool. Take a look at these pictures.