Room/ Building requests?


OK…We are checking in Sunday. I tried online check-in but the room request area did not work. Can I call? We are staying at CBR, should I call them directly or Disney reservations???


You will have to call the main reservation number to have any requests noted.


What is that #???


You can call the main reservation line to have a request put on your room, just remember that requests are not guaranteed.

We had a request at CBR this spring. It was important for us to me on the main floor and I was told by the main reservation line to call the resort the morning of to confirm our room placement and they gave me the number.
So, I got up extra early before our flight out and called and confirmed that yes, we had been placed in a main floor room.
But, upon our arrival and check-in, we were given a room on the second floor. It seems that our room was given away to another guest sometime during that day. If you want a specific room, be sure to have an early check-in time.




Requests are never guaranteed but it helps to have them on your booking. We stayed at SSR and rang about a week in advance to request a room in The Springs section. When we got there, it was late and we had been up and travelling for almost 30hrs! Exhaustion and despair at being put in a room right at the back of the resort (we didnt have a car either) seemed to pull at the CM’s heartstrings and she had us moved to The Springs the next morning because we had rang up prior to arrival and requested it. So it can definatly help!


I’ve always been lucky with help from the desk when it comes to room location. I’ve been always lucky (knock on wood) with requests made due to my son’s disablity, but I’ve also always had early check in times (a huge thing when I’m booking flights…LOL)…

My suggestion is if it for a specific reason let them know before time… I have it added onto my reservation, call one week before and the day of to make sure everything is in order…