Room Discounts for DL


Just a heads-up for anyone going to DL between Jan-April 2010. There’s a discount for rooms for the 3 DL hotels. Right now if you enter your dates on the DL website it automatically applies it and they call it the Get Away discount. I heard that if you call to make a ressie the CM will tell you that you can’t book it through them until it’s officially released (which should be Monday) but you can book it online.


Thanks for the helpful info!


Ooh, and I’m really missing “the original” even as we leave for another trip to the World! LOL!

Thanks for the info!


I am new to MB, but loving it! Can anyone describe their stays at any of the 3 DL hotels? I am thinking about going there.


Can’t help you with DL info but welcome to MB.


I have to be off to work right now but will give you a complete description of all 3 Disneyland Resort Hotels when I get home! :smile:


Thanks for the welcome!


Thank you, I am eagerly awaiting ur post.


Thanks! I was searching last week for a nine day stay in April at the Grand Californian, and they wanted 3k at a minimum. It’d be nice if I could get that knocked down some… :wub: