Room Discounts vs free dining?


Have a question about getting a room discount vs. free dining. While on our trip this fall we’re staying some nights at the Poly for 40% off rack. DSIL is joining but we’re getting her a seperate room. She’s interested in the now free dining while we’re not. Nothing personal just not our thing for the “entire” trip. They’ll only offer 1 discount or the other, plus she’d have to buy at least a 1 day regular tic since she’s getting our 5th on the Military special.
Would anyone happen to know from experience would it be cheaper for her to pay rack rate + 1 day tic & the $99 for 5 park days for free dining or go with the 40% off room & $99/5 day tic and OOP on meals. I have a logical guess on which one’s best for a family but not for an individual.


I haven’t done the math, but it would seem getting getting 40 % off is better. At the poly wouldn’t that be a difference of 100 or so. I would think one person could eat cheaper than 100 dollars a day. That would be for one TS, one CS and one snack I’m thinking of.


Yes, with tax it’s about $140 off. Obviously for a fam it would be cheaper for the dining but didn’t know about the indiv.

Ok, fire me! My mind is going in circles. The DDP add-on is only $41 per day. Eating an average of $60 per adult per day (DDP alloted) that’s still less than the $140. Sorry for the blond moment. Omg:blush:


This is never a cut and dried question. It always comes down to how many people are traveling with you. Obviously, you’ll save a bit more if it’s 2 adults and 2 kids, or better, 4 adults ($160 a night for 4 guests over the age of 10) than just two adults ($80), but it also depends on how you eat and how good you are at using the plan to its fullest.
I’m in a similar situation, but it might work better for me to just go with the heavy discount PIN I have than altering the reservation to rack rate plus free dining.


If she is alone in her room, then she should use the room discount and forget the free dining. I see you came to that realization yourself!


A long time ago Les.


I am slow today :laugh: I’m 4 days late for Wishy’s birthday thread…


I have had to make this decision before and here’s what I did. I honestly priced out everything down to the food I would eat. Which ever way made more sense and cost less is the way I go…


That’s how I do it too.


Guess that’s why we’ll always take the room discount since we won’t ever know what we’d eat, where or how much it’ll cost until the time came.

When we go to MK in Oct I have 5 choices (3 cs, 2 ts) on my short list to eat at. Which one we end at will depend on where we’re at when we get hungry, crowd control & Menu Mood at that time.
Yesterday when I made the list I was craving Italian therefore Tony’s made the cut. Will I be in the mood that day…who knows? and i’m not going to tie up an ADR that someone else could use just to have it in case I was. That’s why DH & I don’t DDP.