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Can you charge all of your meals at all of the parks to your room key, and then just pay one lump sum at the end of your stay?

Thanks, Beth


Yes you can. :smile:

Welcome to DC. :smile:


Purchases at any of Disney’s shops can be made with cash, Disney Dollars, traveler’s checks, personal checks with proper ID and all major credit cards. You may also charge purchases to your room using your room key. Guest Relations will tell you on check in what your limit is.


Thanks for the link!

It just says about store purchases not meal purchases.

Can anyone else answer my question about meal purchases? Thanks


Yes, you can charge your meals.


Thanks! This is good to know. This way I don’t have to carry so much cash with me while I’m at the parks.


I don’t carry much cash with me inthe parks, I charge everything to our room and when we check out it rolls over on our credit card.


Beth, I will just echo the other posters…YES you can charge everything to your room key!!! That is a HUGE benefit of staying on-site. You can also have your non-perishable purchases sent back to your resort, so you don’t have to carry them around all day!

OH, and WELCOME to Disney Central!!! :cool:


Welcome Beth!
We usually charge EVERYTHING to the room. It is so convenient and safer than carrying cash. We’ll even charge a bottle of water or a coke.
You get a detailed printout when you check out and I understand you can request one at anytime during your stay to check on what you’ve charged.


We only bring a little bit of cash with us as well and charge everything to our room key!


The more you charge (of everything) the happier Disney is. People tend to spend more if it isn’t coming out of the pocket in cash :wink:
They love it if you choose the charge to the room option, believe me.


You can also set a limit to how much can be charged to your room account in any one day.


I am planning on brining a little cash to each park, but DH has already told me that I am can charge (within) limit to our room.
When we go to DTD he is in trouble…


We usually charge everything to the room. Hey, it’s not even really like PAYING for the stuff. I mean, we’re not even using our credit card. It’s a key. It’s great . . .

Until we get to check-out and see the total.

But, hey, I know we’re going to go through the same dance again this Sept!


My Wife (whoops, I forgot, my DW) says, “Disney anticipates anything and everything you could ever need or want - and they put it all on your room charge!”

I’m told there are some snack wagons that are not setup for room charge - with DDP ‘snacks’ to track that seems unlikely. Other than that charge away. I think, like most hotels, room charging requires youto post a credit card when you check in.

And as stated before ‘package service’ really is handy. Don’t wanna carry that coffee mug around all day? No problem, they’ll send it to the gift shop at your resort (used to be to your room) and you’ll have a voice mail waiting. Goofy himself saying, “come get yer package! huh huh.”


Wait, so can you “charge” it on your room key, but pay the final bill in cash? I’m a little confused.


If you leave a credit card number for room charging priveledges when you check in, you can charge practically anything to the “room”. When you check out you can leave it on the credit card or settle your bill with cash or whatever payment you want.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: you’ll get that DC lingo right sometime soon

I know, I love that message ahuh ahuh :ninja:


I loved that option when I was in WDW…Disney probably loved it too cause I spent waaaayyy more than I intended to! :pinch:

I really wish DLR would get their system working a little better. We didn’t even try to charge anything to our room on the last trip because all they give you is a slip of paper showing you are a resort guest. I just don’t understand why they don’t link your room key,park ticket, etc. all together like WDW does. Maybe I’ll give it a try on my next trip.


It is very convenient, a little TOO much so. It becomes very easy to overspend. You can get a printout at any time also, to keep track of your spending, and check/confirm any charges you’ve made. It is a wonderful thing though-to walk into any shop, pick out what you want, send it to your room, and hand them your key.

Hey, they don’t call it “the key to your kingdom” for nothing.