Room Keys


I rented points from a DVC owner and he also reserved the dining plan for us. We are looking at buying our park tickets through Undercover Tourist. My question is if we do this when we check in to the resort can they combine our room key, dining plan and park tickets onto the general room key? Or since I did not buy the tickets dierctly through Disney will they not do it? I hope this makes sense!! I am just wondering if it will be too much of a hassle to buy the tickets else where. Thanks!!:wub:


If you go to guest services they should be able to put everything on your room key. Where you buy your passes shouldn’t matter.


would this include the AP?


Not sure if it includes the AP. But we bought our tickets separately last year and they were able to add them to our Keys to the World cards at the resort.


No, I don’t think it includes APs.

We’ve had APs a couple of times and it’s really not a pain to have that plus the room key.


I don’t know if you can get the tickets on your room key if you do not buy them at Disney. We have always had everything on one key when we rented points, but we get our park tickets at the time of checkin. Is there really that big of a difference in ticket prices? I would pay an extra $10 just to have it conveinent and on one card.


They definitely should be able to put all on one key. We did this before.
Shouldn’t be a problem at all.


they would not put our AP’s on our room keys.


They don’t combine APs onto room keys. Doesn’t really make sense. Your stay is only for a couple days. Is it just a desire to have a plastic card instead of the paper ticket?
There have been a couple times last year that I left my pass home. I also lost it one day while hopping from MK to AK. I was able to get a replacement pass at any park guest services window in moments, so long as i presented my driver’s license. I think if you lost a key with your AP on it, there might be a few problems with speedy replacement.


I left my AP in the room one day and easily got it replaced at Epcot guest services. With a flash of my ID I had a new AP and was on my way in 5 minutes–much quicker than going back to the room to get it.


I’ve replaced my pass at MK, AK, and Epcot. I didn’t need to at Studios.
So far.
It was great. One time I realized I’d left the pass home when we were already on the Turnpike. I basically said “Oh well, I’ll just have to stop at guest services” and lept going. Didn’t even bother me.


I was on the bus but not out of SSR when I noticed I was missing my AP. I knew I could get it replaced quicker than going back to the room–it was a nice feeling.


Im just worried about the kids passes- with the cards they are more sturdy and more obvious that they are in their pockets- paper might not fare so well in kali rapids with my kids holding their own… but if they are easily replaced it does not really matter.


i don’t even keep my own…DH puts them all in his wallet after we go through the park enterance gate. they are all in one place and no worries…

with them being easily replaced there really is nothing other than a slight inconvience if they were to be lost. but even before we started buying AP’s, DH kept the park passes in his wallet.

(he also carries the park bag…then i don’t have to keep up with anything but DD!) it’s nice…we bought an ameribag, in black…it’s a unisex bag, sling bag. it’s nice not having to be in charge of all the $$ and keys, id’s ect. i carry my cell phone…he carries everything else. LOVE IT! :C)


My DH is also the ticket carrier. We hand him our passes once we are through the gate and he keeps them. He’s also the fastpass collector and holder.


WooHoo, remember, I’m talking about annual passes only. I’m not so sure replacing MYW tickets is as easy. They don’t have quite the same paper trail as APs.


Your right. They don’t combine AP’s onto Room keys. Sorry
I thought you just had reg passes. I guess I need to
have my eyes checked.Our AP’s were not
attached to our keys.


LOL!!! The thought of my DH holding the tickets makes me sweat! He’d do a great job with them, but I am way too much of a control freak to let him! I give each person their ticket at the turnstiles, then I stand on the other side and collect them back again like a wild woman… I put them in a TL waterproof box and into my purse for the day, all within a few feet of the turnstiles. I am a freak, I know, but I get so paranoid about losing tickets!!! :laugh:


I was only commenting because a few others had begun wondering about putting an AP onto a room key. I read your post as talking about combining a regular ticket onto the room key, not AP. So, I’m not sure if you need your eyes checked. There’s kind of two different discussions happening now.


mine too!! :laugh:
DD & I usually make a run to the restroom , or get a snack while he’s getting the fastpasses.

WDW is the only place in the world that I am not in charge of everyone’s accessories…i love WDW:heart: :heart: :wub: :heart: :blush: