Room Keys


What does this years room keys look like?

I keep mine in my wallet so I can remember>


it is light blue, in the upper right hand corner it has the top of the castle and a little Tinkerbelle


Same as last year and the year before…


Oh bummer. I was hoping it would be new for the Celebrate theme…


Same, blue with Tink on it. Ours are in the photo albums for each trip.


I keep mine in my wallet so I can remember>[/QUOTE]

I think if I did that I might run out of room for other things in my wallet!:laugh:


Yep, no change . . . we have tons of them . . . my DDs keep them all! :blush:


I need to confess too we also have an enormous collection of Disney room keys! :laugh:


Oh yes, we all keep ours. Thats why its fun when they change them. :slight_smile:


Same here, plus a couple Disneylands, including the 50th birthday keys, as well as several Swolphin and around a dozen Universal keys.
But back to Disney owned WDW keys, I’ve got an obscene amount of them.:eek:


Hmmm. Am I the only one who doesn’t keep WDW keys? I run a magnet across the strip and throw them away when I get home. I have too much stuff already! (channeling George Carlin…)


I wish they would change the design already. It’s been the same since I first stayed onsite in 1998. :blink:


I keep mine in my wallet and whenever I get down in the dumps I pull it out and just remember. Recent hospital stays for 24 days total were made alot easier by just having that little card. Family memories at WDW.


More than a few times, my last key has been found in my wallet weeks after getting home.
Even worse, I forget to take my AP out of the wallet for weeks after getting home. Then I finally take it out and put it in the drawer next to the park hoppers that I’ve got in reserve, and promptly forget to put the AP back in the wallet, leave home without it, and need a replacement as soon as we get to WDW.
Good thing the AP is a standard ticket blank and not some sort of hard plastic photo ID like all the other parks I’ve had APs to.:laugh:


That’s weird, I have several different styles since 2003. Our 2003 and 2004 keys had Tinker Bell on them. Our 2005 and 2006 keys were a light blue with a large castle in the center and a smaller one in the upper left corner. Then the current key from 2007 and 2008. Hopefully it will change soon since they’ve had this key for 2 years.


Nope, We had pink-ish keys in 2004 with a big Tink on it. I have to see if I can find them. I’ll post a picture.


I have nearly every room key from my visits to WDW & DL over the past 17 years. I think I starting keeping them when I was 13 years old & started getting old enough to care about those things. :laugh: I REALLY miss when the resort keys were individualized to the resort. Like if you stayed at the Polynesian you had a Polynesian resort card with the resort’s logo on it.

I love pulling them out & looking at them every once in awhile. I’ll have to take pictures of my collection sometime.


:wub: We keep them too!! We have every year since 2000. It reminds us about each trip!! Silly isn’t it :laugh:


Not at all. I’ve kept all of mine as well.


I’ll echo Disney Teacher here.
There were certainly different keys during the Happiest Homecoming celebration and that was switched to the current key for the Where Dreams Come True celebration.
I can’t locate any keys from before 2005 because that was the year we moved, but I assure you there are different key designs from the years 2001-2004.
Also, in case you’ve never noticed, club level room keys are gold or yellow in color, not blue.
If I find some of the older keys, I’ll bump the thread later.
Now, if they’d just change the ticket blanks.

PS: Those park hoppers I have are from 2001 and are “100 Years of Magic” blanks.