Room only questions


Looking for some insight. We’ve always gone the MYW package route for all previously trips, but this upcoming one, I got a discount code for 40% off room only. Grabbed that one up right away. But now I’m in new territory in which I have to still purchase tickets. If I buy online through Disney, they are a total of $65.00 more than Undercover Tourist. I have reservations going somewhere else than Disney, unless you fellow Mousebuzzers can ease my mind. If I do purchase from UT, will the CM during check in put the passes on my room card? Will it take away my chances of getting an upgrade cause I went to the “competition”?

Also, right now we are driving cause of unbelievable high airline fares, but if I find a good Ding, will we still be able to use ME, even with room only?


You can still use ME if you are room only. As far as the tickets go I am not sure if they will put them on your room card. I don’t think they will. Let me check.


Ok I just found out they will not put your tickets on your room key.


We are also going to buy from Undercover Tourist, saving about $50. Keith at Mouseketrips said they will not put them on your room key but they do send you a plastic credit card ticket, not paper!! So you will have a room key and a park ticket- worth the $50 to me!!!:laugh:


I have bought tickets many times from ticketmania, and been very satisfied. The tickets are not like a room card. They are plastic coated, but pretty sturdy. I’m sure they are selling the same tickets, I would go for it and save a few bucks.


I’d say go with UT if they’re substantially less money. Ya gotta keep track of your room key anyway so who cares if you have another little scrap of plasti-coated paper to keep track of as well? :slight_smile:

Congrats on the 40% off discount code!!! :slight_smile: I have an AP so we always buy room only; I like the knowledge that I can cancel up until 5 days in advance with no penalty (not that I ever do…but I like that I can!).