Room payments


Does anyone know if you book room only can you pay for it in Disney dollars when you get there?


We have always had to pay for our room in full prior to arrival. We have been able to use our Disney Reward $$ to reserve or pay off the total.


ONe time when we got room only we had to put down 1 night stay and then was able to pay when we got there. I was just wondering so when I do get the AP I can start to save room $$:happy:


Like I said… our reservation always stipulates that the bill must be paid in full I think like 45 days before arrival. This is for room only.


You don’t have to have your AP voucher in hand to reserve the room, you just have to show it when you get there. So, if you’re getting an AP for sure and the rates are out, go ahead and reserve your room.


We booked through AAA for a room only and had a pay one night, don’t remember the 45 requirement, I think I just pay when we get down there.

Hmmm, now I need to go check! :blink:


Whoa…there’s some confusion here…let me clean it up…
If you book a package which is booking park tickets, the dining place etc…etc… you have to pay the total 45 days in advance. If you book room only then you only need to pay the deposit (one nights rate) when you book the room and pay the rest when you get there…but now to answer the question at hand…

I am sure you probably could use Disney Dollars to pay for the rest of the room at check-in…I don’t see why you wouldn’t be able too since they are accepted everywhere else on property…just to be safe I’d call Disney Reservations and double check…you wouldn’t want to get down there and then be stuck.


I believe Cinderbella is correct…I have the whole package booked, room, tickets and dinning and I have to pay it off 45 days prior to arrival.


I always book room only as we have AP’s and the Dining Plan is useless for us. Each case i just pay a one night deposit at the time of booking, paying the balance when we check out.


Thanks Bella. Thats what I thought. I’ll call to be safe :heart: