Room pics


I am working on a project and need resort room pictures. You know that picture you take of the room before it’s “lived in”? That’s the one. If you have any that you would not mind sharing with me, please email them to me at Please note this will be shown publicly, so don’t share them unless you are ok with that. Thank you in advance for any help you can give.


Would love to help! Not sure if I have any “non lived in” ones. I’ll go check right now and forward to you if I do.


I looked at my pictures, and I don’t have any of the room—except the towel animals…:laugh::laugh: There were two of those pics in my trip report last year.

Otherwise all of my room pics are over 20 years old—several refurbs ago!!!:laugh::laugh::laugh:

I wish I could help, and hope that others will come through for you. I know I have seen some great room pictures posted here. :happy:


Hey Dana, all my pictures are Villas. Do you want those too, or is this for regular rooms.



I need value, moderate, deluxe, cabins, villa, campsites -anything Disney owned.

Thank you so much in advance!


You’re welcome to lift any from my trip reports. If you wait for me to find them and send them to you we’ll both be in nursing homes. I’ve never felt so under water in my job as I have this year. I’m surviving day to day most days, the other days I’m not sure I even survived when it’s all said and done. (However, I did manage to book a trip this week after talking about it since August.)


Well at least you can look forward to you upcoming trip! I’m sorry you are so bogged down at work now.


Will look through our pics when we get back … I know we have a couple that you can use, and I WILL get you one on Saturday :mickey::mickey::mickey::mickey:


Thank you, my friend. You have fun now :heart:


Thank you, Steph. I am sorry to hear you feel so under water. I am happy you got your trip booked though!


I’m looking forward to your project!


Thanks! It’s a big one and is going to take a long time, but when it’s done, it’s going to be super awesome:heart:


There’re coming - I promise!


No rush! Plenty of time and thank you!!!


Dana, do you want bathroom photos too or just the bedroom part of the rooms?


You know we will!!! Have been up since 6 AM on Friday, and we plan on closing the MK at 1 AM Sunday morning! Except for a 3 hour nap on the flight down, that will be it. BRING IT ON!!!


Any room pics would be much appreciated - thank you :slight_smile:


Awesome! You go on with your bad self :slight_smile: :heart::heart:


I’ll be down after Thanksgiving and would be happy to send pics of POFQ.


Excellent. Thank you so much! As many room pics as you want! Appreicate it!