Room Question POFQ


Our trip is getting closer and closer so as a planner I try to get my ducks in a row so to speak… I have my son in a wheelchair, and another in my party who has some mobility issues so my question to you all is what building should I request to be “close” to the main building, buses and pool… I always request the ground floor, since it is so much easier then trying to squeeze into an elevator with a bunch of other people at the end of a long evening at a park… I have never stayed at POFQ so I thought I would toss this question out there to my fellow MBer’s!!!

Thanks in advance everyone!


If memory serves me corretly builiding 3 is the one closest.


POFQ will probably be one of the easiest resorts to get around because it is so small and compact. Buildings 3 and 4 are closest to the registration building, food court and bus stop - but really, the resort is so small that it’s just a short walk from any of the buildings.

Have a terrific time!:happy:


We stayed in building 3 and it was fantastic but as others have said it is all so close.
the lift is a good size. only one bus stop (well two next to each other)

its a beautiful resort and the boat to downtown Disney is nice and relaxing.


Building three is awesome! I had that building last trip and it was ideal for quick access to all that you need.


I would say building three if you want to be close but none of them are very far and we love the river view rooms.


Thanks everyone!!! I knew you guys would give great input!!! I remember thinking the resort is small (one of the reason’s we booked there actually). I just figure at the end of a day at the parks, my boy is usually cranky and tired and I’m tired and a little worn out being on top of things all day so the shorter the walk the better!! Plus I know my mom’s knee’s are pretty painful, and by the end of the day she has had enough.

So Building Three is the one I request, and while I may be jinxing myself Disney has been nothing but helpful when it comes to going the extra mile to help with my requests when it comes to rooms…

We are so excited!! My Uncle and his family are going down with us at the same time, so off and on we’ll be together. Be awesome to do their first time at disney with them!! My 4 yr old cousin is gonna be dancing when she see’s the princess’s!!!


We had ground floor rooms in Building 4 last trip and they were FANTASTIC! The pool was basically right across from our rooms and the food court was less than 2 minutes away. We loved that location and we loved POFQ!

You will have a great time there!


I just want to say that I have been to quite a few place in WDW and still, to this day, POFQ is my favorite!!!

Have a wonderful time!