Room Request at AKL


I have upgraded my reservations at the AKL to the Savannah View rooms and I was just wondering if there are any areas that anyone would recommend I should request on my reservations. Thanks!


Yep! Zebra trail. It’s closest to the restaurants/food and the pool. Try to get a room on Zebra trail that’s close to the lobby. That’s the perfect location.

I’d also request that your room looks out onto the Arusha Savanna, which is the large, central savanna at the resort. There’s always lots of action there.


I have had rooms on both the smaller savannahs and the big one, and I loved the big one, it was a much better view. Here is what I would request:

Zebra Trail, upper floor room, Arusha Savannah view.

That will get you the best view, and close to the pool.


I agree…the Zebra trail. We had a perfect room last year. Our first building choice would be room #: 3423 through 3437. Room #: 3407 through 3422 would be a great alternative. Our Boys just love Zebras!