Room request BWV


We are very excited to be staying at the BWV for the first time. We have a preferred room (whatever that means).

Is there any specific room request that I should make?



BWV is a gorgeous resort - you’re going to love it.

The only advice I have is to ask for a room closer to the lobby - you’ll see for yourself the famous “Hall of Doom”. If you’re given a room at the end of it - it’s quite a hike; but that’s about the only negative there is. “Preferred” rooms look over the Boardwalk, the main pool, or a river view. We prefer the river view - but those are further down the hall. Remember that the Boardwalk is open until 2 a.m. - so if you’re a light sleeper you might hear some noise. The pool views are nice; except for that freaky clown. All that being said - we always try for a standard view (they go first). They overlook the lawns at the front of the resort, are pretty and quiet - and of course, less points.


I love this resort we had the boarkwalk view club level a few years ago. The walk was long and it was a little loud. However the view and the resort made up for it.
We were there during Super Soap Weekend (PLEASE BRING THIS BACK!!!) so it might have been louder than normal.

On an unrelated note our room was right next to Susan Lucci’s (Erica from All my Children)


Thanks for the responses everyone!