Room Request for Boradwalk Inn Villas


We are staying in a 2 bedroom, standard view during Christmas. What rooms would you say and what was the view…



The views overlook the front of the resort and some overlook the tennis courts. I don’t know which rooms you should specifically ask for, but try to get one near the elevator. BWV hallways are notoriously long!


Yes being near the elevator would be a great bonus.

I don’t think here are any really “bad” views at the BWV.
If you are near the elevator, you’ll overlook either the quiet pool, luna park, or the canal that leads to the Studios.


Yeah, I agree, i’ve had several people tell me… numerous times… that requesting a room near the elevator is a good idea! Are you staying on DVC points for the Villas, or through regular reservation?


We are staying on the DVC points. I hope that we like it there. With the kids it seems like the pool will be great eventhough we most likely wont use it that much since it will be december, but who knows. I think my sisters kids would swim in ice water.


If they offer you a room by the elevator, TAKE IT! We requested the farthest room, which they gave us… I think it added about 50 miles to our week of walking! LOL