Room request "policies?"


So, what’s the latest on how to get the folks at the resorts to listen to your room requests? Are faxes 3 days out still appropriate? Phone calls?


I know that some resorts like the Poly no longer take room request faxes anymore. I think they want all room requests noted on the reservation,but I still don’t think it could hurt to fax a polite request 4 to 5 days before your trip starts.


I have found that making a phone call and asking politely, then following up at the front desk upon check-in has yielded the best results. Examples: Animal Kingdom, I got the king bed I requested by doing just that; Boardwalk Inn, I asked for a king bed garden view and got a 2 floor garden suite w/concierge! Ask and you shall receive!:mickey:


I have read that WL no longer takes room requests by fax. We listed our request on our reservation and then if we don’t get it I may ask again at check in.


Thanks all. I just called CRO to be sure they had our requests listed on the reservation. I’ll give AKL front desk a call on Tuesday to confirm the requests.