Room Requests for The Pop Century Resort in the Walt Disney World Resort Area


Um, I want a specific room - how do I go about trying my very hardest to get it?


This is a shameless bump, and I’m not afraid to admit it.


From what I’ve read that’s a tough sell. You can give Dis reservations your preferences for a range of rooms and probably ask for the room when you get there (hoping it’s available).

Or you could just kick the door in and throw the bums out…


I like Plan C! Throw them out! :ninja:


I would call reservations and ask for the specific room number and tell them why. Perhaps they’ll put a note on your reservation.


Probably a good plan. I think they will enter any preference you give them into their computer.

Or you could throw the bums out.:laugh:


Well, I’m calling tomorrow and BEGGING them…BEGGING.


When I stay at ASmovies I always request toy story and always get it. All u have to do is call then remind them at check in.


Have it noted on your reservation. When you check in, ask again. Batt your eyes and smile. You should be able to get it or get right near it. I guess it would depend on how crowded the resort is…how many checking in etc.


Well, I am DEFINITELY calling tomorrow to add the room request - and then I will use the whole “just a girl” thing at the resort, per your suggesiton, Dana :wub: :laugh:

Hopefully it will work!!


Are you trying to see how long of a message title you can make? :laugh:


I’m with throw 'em down, but that shouldn’t surprise you :tongue:


:laugh: I just wanted to make sure nobody was confused! :laugh:


As long as I get my room…


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


Gotta get our :laugh:'s where we can, since Cavey doesn’t post anymore! :laugh:


What would you do if it’s one of us MB’s in the room ?


Give you a big hug first! :ph34r:


We are staying @ PC we want to stay in the 50’s or 70’s!


We want the backside of 60s or the far side of 70s (Towards the 60s)

I never did call today - I’m looking for a room number. I wrote it down, but I lost it.

Bummer, huh?

I wonder if I could call and GET the room number from the Pop? I really really MUST have this room. It will MAKE our vacation.

I have no problem making that clear (in a nice, cutesy way) to the CMs.