Room Upgrades?


I know that free upgrades are few and far between, but how about discounted upgrades? We are staying BC in August for my DD graduation, thought I might ask if a upgrade to club level is possible. Free would be wonderful and I have heard were it has been done. I would be happy if they would at least discount it though. Anyone had any luck at any resorts during their stay? If so how did you get it,or was it just the luck of the draw?


There have been one or two times that I’ve already had a reservation for multiple days at club level and then added a day before or a day after the main reservation for a standard room and was given my club level room or allowed to remain at club level.
In the Boardwalk, we had to change rooms and were physically on the other side of the club level door, but we were still given access to the lounge for the remainder of our stay.

I have also been upgraded at the Contemporary from the wing to the tower, although I was still on the Bay Lake side and certainly not club level.
We’ve had a few other middling upgrades, but nothing special.
As for discounting the upgrade, I honestly don’t know. I think that’s going to be something that is case to case.


I have been upgraded to savannah and water views, but never to club level. The resort would have to be over booked for that to happen I think. Of course you can always try at check in by asking or asking how much to upgrade to club level would be.


They always offer me the Castle because I know Boss. :laugh:

Lagoon view at Poly only one I’ve gotten. Usually, I get the room that overlooks the dumpster. Ironically, they tell me it’s because I know Boss. :eek:


…mental note…when at WDW do not ‘drop’ boss’ name…:blink:


The only thing accurate here is B S.:tongue:

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We’ve been upgraded to savannah view at AKL. I’m thinking they are happy to do that when it’s during a slow time, and the rooms aren’t filled.