Rooms for Six


This will be our family’s first trip to Disney. My wife and I have been several times as children. My two oldest boys have been before, but my 10 year old has never been and is dying to go! He would love to take his best friend, but that puts us at 6 total people. Are there any Moderate Resorts that offer 1 room for 6 or do we need to go to 2 rooms? I’ve seen that the Economy Resorts can go 6, but travel times to and from the parks is quite long. Any suggestions???:eek:


FW Cabins hold 6, so you might consider that. This could also save on food, as you would have the kitchen available for breakfasts or dinners. Otherwise, I think the maximum in any of the Moderates is 5.


I believe the family suites at All Star Music also sleep 6 but you already know that. I would book 2 rooms at a moderate for the space and extra bathroom.


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Travel times vary from resort to resort and park to park. Some of the delux resorts share buses and those travel times can be very long. The economy or value resorts are similar in travel time.

We really enjoy the cabins at Ft Wilderness Campground- they are pricey, but that full kitchen is great (especially in the morning!).


you can do 2 rooms at a value for less than a cabin or family suite. I don’t think the value buses are any less efficient than those at the moderate resorts.


Welcome to MouseBuzz! Two connecting rooms at a Value would probably be the most cost-efficient. Plus, you get 2 bathrooms and the privacy of closing the door. The cabins at FW are pretty cool from what I hear, and with boys, they’d probably love it - but they aren’t cheap.

I wouldn’t worry about transportation. Deluxe at Disney doesn’t necessarily mean the most efficient transportation. The buses at Boardwalk Inn could bring you to tears. (I can vouch for that.:crying:) Actually, because of the popularity of the Values, they generally have more buses than the deluxes.


Hi welcome to Mousebuzz. Just for the space alone and the two bathrooms I think two inter connectors if possible at a value or mod would be your best bet.