Rooms onboard


Ok I am wanting to book a cruise it will be our first looking at the 3 or 4 day cruise perhaps around memorial day in 2014. not sure as to what type of room to book. price wise looking for the cheaper inside stateroom but am I better off booking an exterior port hole or an upgraded room from that and if so what deck is best for a room? thanks


We stayed in an outside room with a balcony and would never do it any other way. At night sitting out under the stars watching the ocean go by was truly magical.

I also recall that we were toward the front of the boat which gets less engine noise then the rear.

You will have an amazing time. Wish I could join you !



Two lines of thought.

  1. All I’ll do in the room is sleep.
  2. The correct one.

BALCONY. Just chilling on the balcony in the morning watching the sunrise or the stars at night.

I wouldn’t book inside personally. I’d have to at least have a BIG porthole. At least they have the virtural portholes on the Dream and Fantasy.


I have to agree about the balcony. It changes the whole cruise experience.

I know that Disney cruises are expensive- but you’re a long way off - so you’ve got a while to save.

What I like about a balcony is the abiity to get away from crowds for awhile. I know people always say “I’m never in my room”, but if you aren’t in the room, then you’re out at the pool or wherever with masses of people; but sometimes you just want to find a quiet spot for yourself. With your own balcony you can pour yourself a glass of wine or a nice tropical drink and have a quiet, private place to sit and watch the ocean flow by. Paradise.