Rope drop/ Fireworks on EMH days


This is probably a silly question…

On EMH days do they do two rope drops in the AM and two firework shows in the evening?


If I remember correctly when we did EMH we just went in early, there was nothing special going on. Similar to having an adr before rope drop - you get the benefit of going in early but miss out on the rope drop fun.

As for fireworks, I don’t remember there being an extra show, but that’d be cool if there was!


No, and no. Sry. At MK they do run 2 parades at night but only 1 firework.


The only times I’ve ever seen two shows in one night in MK are New Year’s Eve and some years back, on party nights when the sun set early enough, Wishes at 6:30-6:45. They no longer do that for parties and haven’t since 2008.
Epcot only has two shows on NYE.

Rope drops for EMH, no. That’s a non event.


So, we really want to see rope drop at MK (we have never seen this before). If we planned to go to the park early, how should we plan it right to get to rope drop and where should we be for the best view?