Rope Drop?


So I understand there is a Rope Drop at MK everyday but is there one at every park every day??
In September, we just couldnt get out early enough:angry:…but when we return in March, that slow poke person isnt going with us so we dont want to miss anything!!


I have been wondering about this too and hope someone can tell a little more about this. Is there just one ‘rope drop’ for each park? I seemed to see somewhere that there may be more than one in a park? Just wondering… :confused:


Last Spring my boyfriend and I saw the rope drop at Animal Kingdom. That’s the only rope drop I remember going to.

The trick is, get up SUPER early maybe plan a breakfast in that park so you’re more motivated to get up and moving.

Wait for the bus 1 and a half before the park even opens, at Animal Kingdom they drop the rope then have a little parade with Minnie, Mickey and Pluto and the discuss thier supply list for the safari! SOOOO CUTE!!


they did it at epcot this past november. it was necessary i guess.


Not sure if they still do it, but the rope drop was (originally) in MK. They let you into the park early, but roped off some sections. The big one was the rope to Tomorrowland and Space Mountain. On our honeymoon, my bride and I were right near at the front of the rope. When they dropped it, I discovered that I married a slow-poke - I had to wait for her at the entrance to SM but we still walked straight through and right on to the ride. It was awesome. :nuke:


Yes, I believe there is one at every park every morning. However, MK’s is raised, so everyone can see. If you’re in the back at any of the other parks, you probably won’t see much.

I do wonder about the water parks, though…


There is a rope drop at each theme park (don’t know about the water parks). I can’t speak to the details of each one because we’ve never been ambitious enough to get there in time for one. I’ve heard that MK, HS and AK are a lot of fun. Haven’t heard anything about any special ceremony at Epcot for rope drop.


When we did the Space Mountain one it was fun, but I think I’m getting to old these days. Not for the running part, mind you. I just don’t know if I can still do a running jump and get high enough to clear over the top any wee ones in my path!


The AK rope drop is very cute. Very crowded, but very cute!


That was what’s called a no-lift show. You didn’t get to see the real deal (Lord help me if I have to go over that dang check list one more time :laugh:) The actual show has Minnie, Goofy and Pluto on the Safari truck and Mickey shows up on a lift in the air next to the tree of Life when they look for him.


When I was in high school I went with to Disney with one of the clubs I was involved with. It was only a few months since the opening of Expedition Everest. So me and some of my friends made sure to get to AK EARLY!! well we got there about a half hour before the park opened and waited. There was a cute little show with mickey minnie goofy donald and i think daisy. Well they did whatever they did on a big safari truck and then counted down to the opening of the park. The rope was semi-dropped because 2 CMs grabbed end and walked some what slowly to where the new ride was and then officially dropped the rope.


:laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


ok sinc ei am going in jan how would i find out about these things…you all know everything and i have no clue lol.


Well, it depends on whether or not you’re staying on Disney property. If so, you’ll get a schedule of EMHs, as well as park times (also online - Walt Disney World Resort - Detecting Browser Properties . . .). I’d allow at least fifteen minutes… in the more crowded season, half an hour (though we usually make it with ten) before park opening so that you can get a good spot.


I’d also suggest a great book- the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World by Bob Sehlinger. I think you would find the information really helpful for your trip. It’s a big book, so start reading! It’s on


We are staying on Disney Property…ASMovies…in sept we kinda caught the one at AK, quite by accident since we had ADR’s at Tusker House for breakfast, we were there…but at the waaayyyyy back of the crowd…this time im thinking we definately have to be waiting for the bus 1 hour before park opening, esp since ive heard that ASMovies is the last to get picked up…then we will make it to the Rope drops…sounds like a good plan now, we will see!!