Rope drop


Can someone tell me what exactly is ‘rope drop’? We have been to Disney World many times but have never been early enough in the day to enjoy this.
Is it worth getting that early of a start in the day for? What exactly do they do?


“Rope Drop” is essentially the opening of the park. In some places there IS an actual rope. :laugh:

Just before Rope Drop there’s a performance of some sort- the best for me is at MK because the train pulls in and I like the musical number- but they’re all fun.

I guess it depends on how you feel about that sort of thing. :happy:

And for me, getting that early start is absolutely worth it, not just because I love the little shows, but I love the shorter lines of first thing in the morning.


It’s fun and if you are early enough, you might be chosen as the family that gets to be up there and “open” the Magic Kingdom together with Mickey.

Here is a pretty good video of the MK rope drop. I think it’s the nicest of the rope drops although, they are good everywhere except Epcot. I don’t even know what they do there nowadays

YouTube - Magic Kingdom Rope Drop December 2007


The rope drop at Disneyland in Ca is actual a drop of the rope that prevents you from going any farther than the end of Main Street. If you go into the carma shop on the left at the end of Main Street you might be able to press the button that starts the day off with the welcoming to the park. I pushed it three times when were were living in Tustin and went just about every sunday morning.


There are strategies for rope drop if you are going to the parks early with the goal of getting on the good rides. For instance, if you are going to EC for an early morning ride on Soarin, you are most likely to get a great spot in line if you go the far right side of the roped area. For Test Track or Mission Space, head off to the left of the rope. When it’s time, the CMs will escort the crowd to those rides so they can keep people from running full-tilt!