Rose & Crown?


We have decided to try Rose & Crown while in Epcot this trip. Can anyone give me opinions about it. Any must orders? I like all kinds of food so any suggestions are possibilities!


We went to the Rose & Crown last trip and loved every minute of it! 2 of us had the Fish and Chips, and 2 had the Surf and Turf! The portions where beyond generous and they tasted great, very well cooked and presented. We went on one of the wettest nights at WDW, its was full on terrential rain outside and so the place was packed with people looking for a dry spot and those not ready to get up and go back out into the awful weather - but the CM’s never faultered, the food was presented promptly and they didn’t rush anybody. We had a great night!


R & C is ALWAYS a must-do on our trips. We start with the cheese platter appetizer, a few pints, and top it off with fish and chips.
If you can sit outside, it’s a great place to watch Illuminations.


Oh hate to put a spanner in the works, but R&C just doesn’t do it for us and we’re English! Last trip, thank goodness we were on the dining plan, as otherwise we wouldn’t have paid. The service was OK, apart from the girl gave my DD fish even though we explained she has an anaphalactic allergy to fish! and the food standard was awful- maybe a one off, but for us- never again.


My parents did R&C twice this year they loved it so much. Not sure what they ate, but one night they were seated outside and got to watch Illuminations while they had dessert. Their pics are amazing.


Rose & Crown - we were there for the first time in November. I can’t remember what we had there only that we enjoyed it. It isn’t a must do for us, we had so many really fantastic meals, it was hard to top some of them…but we would not say ‘no’ to going there again. The service was very good.


I think that’s normal, Karen. I am German and did not really enjoy the German foods there, except for that almond cookie, which isn’t a German thing (as far as I know); neither is that stupid pickle, heehee


Try and get an 8:30 P.M. or so ADR and ask for a water view or table by the water. If you time it right, you’ll get to watch Illuminations while you eat, like we did in October.


This is the one restaurant that always got “bumped”. We were very happy when we finally went and were so close to Illuminations that the paper from the fireworks were landing on my pork loin! Service and food were great, and we were not rushed at all. Can’t wait to go back! :cool:


We went to R&C and loved it. We have tried to walk up and get seats a couple of times but never seem to have that kind of luck. I had a steak and DW had the lamb and both were amazing! Our server was a nice young lad who was great at what he did! We highly recommend this place.


I :heart: Rose and Crown. I actually got engaged there! Gosh that seems like a long time ago.

Anyways, they have a wonderful creamy Potato Leek Soup and I love to get the Fish and Steak entree…they seem to switch it up a lot it used to be steak and prawns and last time I went I think it was fish from the fish 'n chips. I’ve never had a bad meal there…ever! But I may be jaded!


The fish and chips inside is WAY better tha the little CS fish place outside.
We’d be happy having a glass of wine and appetizers and/or dessert, but we do love the dinners.


Gotta get the YARD o’ BEER on the inside !!! Harp or Bass. They used to sell it outside in their kiosk. :pirate:


I would go for the Sausage and Mash! and have a pint in the pub too! Fish and Chips can be hit or miss


We went to the R & C our last trip and we had an awesome time. We booked our ressies for 8, and got a fabulous table outside to view Illuminations. Our server, Adam chatted and answered any questions we asked, like when my DD asked what is the 5 Must Do Things To Do on Vacation in England…The food was excellent, and my DD recommends the pork chops :)… We’ve all decided to make another stop there on our next trip since we considered it one of the best dining experiences that trip!


We went years ago and really enjoyed it. Then a couple of years back we went again - I can’t say I remember much about the food - I had the fish & chips and they were good, but what got to us was that our server was brand-new - the sweetest girl and she was so homesick. We spent the whole meal trying to make her feel better. (I asked her if she missed Coronation Street - bad move - her eyes filled up with tears).:laugh: Awww:crying: - I hope she made it through her year and got over her homesickness.


My DW and DS were there a few weeks ago and were very disapointed. My DWs meal was OK and his was really bad. His fish did not taste right to either of them. They were seated outside under a canopy. And like they said they could have done the CS and sat by the lake. I guess a big part of it was missing the inside atmospher.


Its such a fun Pub and the food was very good. We all had the fish n chips and I must say…It was the best I ever had.


Other than the outdoor dining during Illuminations, I feel that Rose and Crown isn’t worth more than one visit. The menu is limited and in my opinion, not that imaginative.
When compared to the variety offered at Raglan Road (I know, Irish isn’t British, but there are similarities in the venues), R&C loses by a distance.
As for the “surf and turf”, surf and turf is not any steak and fried fish. Surf and turf traditionally is filet mignon and lobster tail or crab legs. At the least, the steak must be a boneless rib eye or a NY strip and if you are going to go with a fish instead of a crustacean, at least serve grilled or broiled salmon or halibut, not battered fried cod.

Again, this is my opinion.


Inside seating is better than outside seating, unless you are there for Illuminations. We were there on a really hot day and did not want to sit outside in the July heat. We asked to sit inside and they did accommodate us and we did enjoy the AC. The atmosphere inside isn’t amazing but we did really enjoy the food and our server.