Rosen center Hotel


Anybody have any information about this hotel? We are planning on staying there for Chritsmas. Disney is out of Value moderate and deluxe hotels for my dates. :crying: We booked this hotel for 9 nights at a rate of 711.00 including tax. Just wondering if anyone has staed or knows anything about it.



I have never stayed at the Centre but have stayed at his Plaza and thought it was good hotel. Rosen is a local owner and very involved in the hospitality industry in Orlando, so I am sure he is very hands on with his hotels. He owns several under the “Rosen” name and a few that are affiliated with national chains.

Based on the website and since it is next to the convetion center, it looks to be geared to the convention trade. The pool facilities look nice.

It looks like rooms normally go for $200+ per night, since you are paying less that $100/night, I think you did good.


Thanks I paid 64 a night plus tax.

thank you