Rosen Shingle Creek Resort?


has anyone ever stayed there before? I have the convention there in Aug and thats where it is held. the room look AWESOME but I dont know if I want to pay $150 night just to sleep. I was thinking about getting the days inn down the street (6 min accord to mapquest) for $43 night.

I really dont want to spend crazy $ for a night stay in a hotel for a Tupperware convention when I have my 9 day Disney trip the following month…

Also has anyone ever used Dollar rent a car before? They had some good rates for 3 days on a nice looking car but I only use Alamo so any remarks would be great. Thanks…


I have never stayed there, but if the Days Inn doesn’t look like a dive, I would go for the cheaper rate. After all you are only there one night.


Its 3 nights but I could care less. My rep told me that they have a formal night to where you would only have as little as one hour to get ready and meet back in the hall. I figure that the hotel is only 6 minutes down the street so how bad could that be. Worse come to worse perhaps I will just bring my stuff to the hotel with me and leave it in the car and change in the lobby bathroom…


If I’m referring to the right hotel this place isn’t a dive at all. I think this particular Days Inn is also a Rosen property and nice. It’s a pretty big property and has a breakfast thing downstairs and a little sotre kind of thing.

What’s the address?


The rosen shingle creek resort is different than the Days inn. The rosen creek place is where the Tupperware convention is. Days inn is where I was thinking about staying instead of paying $75 more per night. The addy is universal blvd. I thinks its called main gate universal or something like that.


The Rosen Shingle Creek is brand new (I work in meetings and events and have sourced this hotel a few times). That $150 rate is AWESOME for that property. The group rates generally are in the mid to high $200’s…in peak would be in the $300’s. I would do it just to experience it at that rate. But then again I always approach things like…wow…that’s almost 50% off so I MUST buy it:blush:

Either way you will be fine…I just wanted you to know that your rate at that hotel really is a value rate for that property.


I heard it was nice, didn’t stay there personally but heard positive reviews from others…you can also check out Reviews of vacations, hotels, resorts, vacation and travel packages - TripAdvisor for more information and reviews on hotels and events…


Thanks guys! I usually dont care about the small stuff but Im going to WDW the month after the TW meeting so i wanted to save all the $ I could because they just threw the meeting at me. It wasnt planned…