Rough draft of my plans


I am sure I will bore you all with my plans sooner than later, but wanted some input anyway. Here is my rough draft for my October trip. Please let me know your thoughts on them. Thanks for reading.

Thursday 10/27 - travel day
land in orlando
pick up rental
check in at POFQ
head to MGM for RnR
dinner at O’hanna’s

Friday 10/28
breakfast in room
full day at MGM
Fanatasmic package at momma’s

Saturday 10/29
sleep in
breakfast in room (possible park after breakfast)
head to FW for horse back riding
dinner at Chef Mickey’s
MK for spectro and wishes

Sunday 10/30
Sea World / DTD

Monday 10/31
breakfast at CP
spend the day at MK
break after lunch
MNSSHP at ngiht

Tuesday 11/1

Wednesday 11/2
AK and home

I am trying to avoid the WDW parks on Saturday and Sunday. I am expecting it to be crowded. I am considering flying down on Wednesday night, but haven’t decided definately yet. I am not doing many PSes this trip either. We are only doing our favorites and winging it the rest of the time. CP, CM and o’hanna’s are must do’s…momma’s too. That’s it for PSes. We are going to plan most of the meals down there this time. The best part of going twice in one year is there is less pressure to do things. We were just there, so I don’t feel the need to “do” everything. I think it may be a bit more crowded than what I am used to, so the laid back approach will probally be a smart thing. I still may hit a park in the morning on the day we go horse back riding, but am going to wait and see what happens that day. Thanks again for reading my plans and giving your input.


It all sounds great. We have started planning our christmas trip but I keep changing my mind!!!
Flying down on Wednesday evening would give the whole day at disney, that has to be a bouns! Any extra time at wdw is great! :biggrin:


Looks great, Dana. You have a good idea of what you want to do yet you haven’t over planned. Flying in the night before sounds great, that’s what we decided to do this trip. We are staying a night at All Star Movies before moving over to WL.


Hey Dana! If you can, why not just fly in that night? That will give you a full day to do whatever on Thursday. If anything, you will be well-rested.

I like your plans, nice and laid back. I think you’re going to have a great time!!!

(still can’t wait to see those horseback riding pictures!! :stuck_out_tongue: )


I would try and fly in the night before if possible, that’ll give you a nice head start. Your plans look great!


Plans look good, Dana! You’re going to LOVE MNSSHP!!! It’s such a fun evening and the characters are great – they really have fun with it.


Dana, I’m so jealous of you that you’re going horseback riding at WDW! Please tell me how it is!


Thanks for taking a look at my plans. I have to see what kind of flight I can get for the night before. I am seriously thinking hard about that. I like the idea of starting off my first day at WDW. I can leave after my DD gets home from school…sounds like a plan. Thanks again.

EJ -
I will give a full report on the horse back riding…and of course take picture for Erin,…lol


Sounds great–I agree if you can try and fly in that night…but if you cant your plans look great as is!


Your plans look great. You have a good variety of things planned, so you will not be rushing all the time. That is very smart. The horseback riding sounds like a blast. Also, let us know how you like Sea World. We are thinking of doing that on one of our trips. I agree with everyone else that flying there that night would be great.


I have a question. You plan to spend whole days at a park. Do you have a reason for this? Last trip, we did a lot of jumping between parks and by the end of the trip it seemed like we spent a lot of time on buses. I was wondering if you felt the same, that’s why the whole day plan.


IMHO, doing major park hopping is something one should only attempt if one has a car. It looks like picking up a rental is something you’re planning to do, Dana. I enjoy using the monorail, but the buses just take too long.


We casually park hop…once we went from EPCOT to MK…and MK was sooo crowded all we could ride was the TTA…so then we went to AK…and then BACK to the hotel…and then back to EPCOT for a PS…man…that was a lotta hopping…we wont do that again…


I usually stay at one park per day, but my plans changs as the day goes one sometimes too. My DD and I always have a plan for the morning and break for or after lunch. Sometimes we go back to the same park. Somtimes we hop to another or stay in. On my MGM day for example, I will definately go back to the park for my fantasmic! package or just stay for the day without a break. I don’t usually like hopping from park to park, but don’t mind doing one park in the morning, breaking at my resort and then going to another park. I find traveling to and from the parks time consuming.

EJ -
I am renting a car to go to sea world. I figured I would just rent it for the whole trip instead of paying for a town car. It worked out to be way cheaper for the rental. I am also going to use the car for going to other resorts for meals to avoid the long bus commute. It takes forever and a day to get from one resort to another. I will more than likely use the bus transportation for the parks. Especially MK.


Dana, a tip for you - when you plan to spend the evening at the MK to see Wishes, rather than battle everyone out to the monorail or the ferries, PARK IN THE CONTEMPORARY LOT!!! If you have your slip on the dash that says you’re staying at POFQ, the guard won’t even question you. Just park and take the walkway to the MK. You will save an hour, easily, trying to get back out again.:mickey:


Also park at the Boardwalk for your visits to MGM and EPCOT and ride the boats. This cuts alot of time off the bus rides after park closing.


Hey Dana!

The plan looks great. There’s an outside possiblity that we might be there at the same time. My sister gets married on the 15th, so we were planning on the following week. But now my mom says that’s too soon after the wedding. So we might be having our gathering on Halloween weekend after all.



Looks great Dana. Is this just DD and yourself, or are you taking DBF again?