Rough draft of my plans


Here is what I just came up with. Please let me know what you thinnk. I am trying to get some form of a plan, but don’t want to go overboard with this. I have 6 people with me for four and a half days. The second part of the trip (day 5 - day 8) it will be just me, DD and her DF. We will be on the dining plan only then. My DBF and I decided to skip the dining plan for the time they were there and chose to just let the kids do what they want. I can’t imagine trying to get 4 teens rounded up for dinner every night. So, here they are. I can make my ADR’s on 28th of April, so I need some input.

Day#1 - park=MGM
breakfast - airport
lunch- resort or MGM
Dinner - whole group to o’hanna

Day#2 - park= typhoon laggon in the day/ DQ for the kids at night
Breakfast - resort
lunch- typhoon lagoon
dinner - kids at DQ and me and DBF to portabello

Day#3 - park= MK for me and the girls…guys can do what they want
breakfast= crystal palace
lunch - mk
dinner - resort

Day#4 - park=Epcot
breakfast- resort
lunch - epcot
dinner - eating our way around epcot at the Food and wine festival

Day#5 - no real plans. Switching to a sudio…guys leaving
breakfast - resort
lunch - where ever
dinner - chef mickey’s

Day#6 - parks = AK in the morning/MK at night
breakfast - breakfastsaurus
lunch - AK or resort
dinner - LTT

Day#7 - park = MGM
breakfast - late one at MGM or resort
lunch - skipping
dinner - Momma’s for fantasmic package

Day#8 - park = redo what we missed or have time for
breakfast - resort or park of choice
lunch - reort or park of choice
fly home!

A lot of my meals when the guys are going to be there will be at the resort. We have a two bedroom villa and will be using the kitchen as much as we can to save some money. I have the guys on their own one day in hopes that will curb fighting and to much annoying incidents with bickering umoungst the kids. I have two table service places on one day only because I won’t be able to get that other table service place on my dining plan otherwise. So, what do you think?


Nice laid-back approach.


Thanks boss. :heart:


Looks very good Dana. I will be living vicariously through you, since I have no planning of my own to do.


Sounds perfect to me!! I’m so jealous that you’ll be there for food and wine AND MNSSHP!!


Looks good, I like the fact that you have included time to do things you may have missed. Always a good idea.


<sigh> Looks real fine Dana!<heavier sigh> I want to go with you!! Any suitcase room?


I built that into our plan, also. I take credit for around my place, but here I’ll admit - Dana suggested it.


Your secret is safe with us…lol

Thanks for looking over my rough draft guys. I always appreciate input and a second opinion. I am really planning this trip light. Not to many things to do. DBF is no commando and I expect the kids to be wanting to run aorund without us :crying: on the bright side of that, me and DBF will get some much needed realxing time alone :heart:


That relaxing plan sounds perfect to me! It sounds just like the kind of WDW I’d want to take right now…no commando for a while. It’s been too long since I had a vacation!

I don’t have any changes or suggestions Dana…seriously. It looks like a great plan, with wiggle room!!


Thanks kim.

doughnut -
With the way I pack, it will be hard to squeeze you in the suitcase…we can always try though…lol :angel:


Dana, great plans.
I think you are all set!


Dana, your days all look great! It’s a nice balance of park time/ resort time.


Your plans look great! You are going to have so much fun!


Oh, looks like such a fun trip!



I love your plans but you just made me realize that we will be there during the FOOD AND WINE FESTIVAL!!! WHOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! :wub: :wub: :wub:

You’re such a inspiration…I need to work on my plans this weekend while Dave is in Kentucky for work!


Your plans look great! I like the lighter planning, you are going to have such a great time. Only a couple more weeks until you can make that call. Won’t it be nice to do it all at once and not for 8 straight days?


Wow Dana! You are so good at this!


I can’t wait to make that call. I had the pleasure of making all my ADR’s last trip at once and have to admidt that it was nice that way. A small part of me misses the old way, but kinda the way you miss a sore finger…lol

thanks again for looking at my plans. I am going to run them by DBF, but I think this is what is going to happen. He don’t care. He just wants the hot tub…lol


And you are a big sweetie. thanks.