Rowdy? - question?


Rowdy - august hours are up and there is no MNSSP or P&P party. DO you think that will change at all? If so, when should we look for that announcement? Thanks!


Yep, that’s a calender without hard ticket parties scheduled for the entire month of August.
I think there won’t be an announcement because the parties won’t be added after all.


Sadly, that may be true. I can’t see Disney backing up the hours to add the party. If there was a chance there would be a party I would think they would put 7 pm up and if they decided not to add the party add a couple of hours to the schedule and everyone would be happy. Now people are going to be upset if they backed the closing time up after the hours were posted.


I have to agree.


I have to agree too…I don’t have to like it of course, but I agree. Such a major disappointment for me however. There is always a chance things will change of course, but I won’t hold my breath.


I can’t vouch for the P and P parties in August, if there will be any, but I can say that the first MNSSHP for us is scheduled Aug. 29th. Keep your eyes open and I’ll keep my ears open.


THANKS!!! You just made my day. I got nervous when I saw those park hours and no 7pm closing at the MK. I will wait for the ticket sales then. Thanks again!


I know it’s really early, but do you have any tips on when MVMCP will start?


I’d put money on November 14 or there abouts. They run Halloween parties right up to Oct 31 and sometimes into the very beginning of November. There’s got to be turn around between the two events, even if it’s only for parade and show rehearsals.


If we get to go back to DW it would have to be Nov. 8-15. My DH starts winter shifts the next week and no vacations are granted.

I hope they would have it starting that week like they did for 2007. It was still nice weather too.


No matter what those Aug hours say Dana, Iam still crossing my fingers for you and betting that Rowdy is correct!!!


Me too Val!!! Thanks for the crossed fingers. I have no doubt in Rowdy’s word at all. He wasn’t sure the first time he said it and when I saw the hours, I thought they changed their mind. If he says it’s a go, I believe him…he’s usually a part of that celebration or tries out for it. He would surely know.:heart: I am so excited about this. MNSSHP is my favorite event.


They’re actually starting MNSSHP in August this year instead of mid-September as usual?! I never could imagine anyone celebrating Halloween THAT early! If so, this is definitely a first! :eek: