Rowdy/LIFE America's Weekend Magazine


We get this supplement in our newspaper each week. In the one for the weekend of March 24, 2006, I noticed an interesting article. This is the issue that has Ty Pennington on the cover.

At any rate, on page 11 there is an article by Caitlin Costin with photographs by Nancy Rica Schiff called “Hey, It’s a Living.” There are four pictures of people doing odd jobs and they each have a caption.

One of the pictures is of a lady that is a mermaid at Florida’s Weeki Wachee Springs and it talks about her job. The part I found interesting is that her caption started off as, “Think that sap in the Goofy costume has it tough?”

:nonono2: :crying: :eek:

Now if we happened to know anyone that is friends with Goofy, that would be pretty rude! :wink:


I think Rowdy is perfect in every way.

No sap.

Goofy rocks. Rowdy = :wub:


Yeah thats just wrong and of coarse Goofy rocks !!!


Sap?? Who’s she callin’ a sap?? They’re just jealous!


He he he i know this is nothing to do with the magazine but i like your pic catfish1999 !


Thanks, Pluto. Actually it’s not MY pic. I look NOTHING like that! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:


{to be read with the voice of Don Corleone}

I don’t like it when people say bad things about Goofy. I love Goofy. He is like a brother to me.

I am going to have to give these people a chance to make ammends. It would be a shame if bad things started to happen to the ones they love.

:wink: :tongue:


No worries…the kitties have been dispatched. They will find the guilty party and, well…it will be ugly.

Goofy totally ROCKS!!


Anyone who is brave enough to flirt with me in a Goofy costume twice isn’t a sap.

Course, that was before Rowdy…but Rowdy ain’t a sap either!