RowdyRaider! Will you be around Oct 1-8th!


We will be in Disney, Oct 1st- 8th. I know you mentioned that you worked at Crystal Palace some times, and was wondering if you know your schedule yet. We have ADR’s there on Sunday, Oct 2nd at 8:10am. Just wondering if we might see you around! Otherwise, are you working in Hollywood Studios at all that week, maybe we will see you there!


Hi NJMommy. I see your trip is a surprise for the kids. Our upcoming trip is also a surprise for our kids. Have you decided how you are going to tell them. We have been working out different scenarios on how to get the most surprise. Just wanted to pick your brain.


Hi Simplytall,
No, we haven’t figured out exactly how to tell them. We’re really hoping to just get to the airport and as far as we can, and just let our oldest DD just figure it out on her own. We were thinking of telling them we were going somewhere else, and then letting them see the Walt Disney World entrance, but I’m not sure where else to tell them we’re going. Just because I don’t want them to get so excited for another place. LOL
Have you had any ideas yet?


We will have to pick them up for school and go straight to the airport. Our girls are 8 and 5. They will not be expecting us to pick them up early from school.

When they come down to the office for us to pick them up they will be wondering why we are there. DH is going to act a little upset, as if they are in trouble, and tell them he doesn’t want to talk about it now and get out to the car. DH and I will be a few steps behind them on the way to the car and DH will pull the video camera out of his pocket, filming them from behind. I will tell them to open the hatch of the suv and put their backpacks in there. When they open it we are planning to have a large poster board with a picture type riddle telling them because the little one cannot read anything big yet. We are thinking a picture of us + an airplane = the castle. They should both pick up on that pretty quick and, if all goes well, screaming, jumping and hugs should commence.


You guys have to video the telling. We were watching AFV last night and they showed a couple of families being told.


We are going to video tape it. Hopefully, it comes out. Can you upload video on MB?


Simplytall, I love that idea! That is great! We have a flight on saturday morning at 6:45am, so we will have to get the girls out of bed and in the car around 4:30am. Our girls are 6 and 2 1/2.


We have done notes from Mickey & Minnie that mysteriously show up in the middle of the night, on a stuffed animal that invites them to come right now… It is so fun!!! Mine were so excited! Please let us know how you tell them!


Our plans got a little foiled because we left early trying to miss first rain bands of TS Lee. :dry: We told DS (he turned 5 today) that we were going for a ride. When he questioned us, we just told him it was a surprise and that he would have to wait and see. Normally he would have questioned this, but it was late, so he just went along with it until he fell asleep. We woke him up when we reached the WDW entrance and told him to look on the sign and tell us who he saw. He said, “Mickey.” Then we asked him where Mickey lived and he said, “Disney World,” but poor thing, even though he was excited, you would have never known because he was still half asleep. He was saying, “see I’m excited.” LOL:wub:

We had originally just planned to put him in the car sleeping and by the time we got there, had we left at scheduled time, he would have been fully awake and just thought that we were at an unfamiliar place near home.:whistling Sorry, continuing the off track theme of post. :ohmy:


NJ Mommy…we will be eatting at Crystal Palace that am too, but more like 10:15! enjoy!


Not sure if you load it directly on MB but you can load it to You Tube and post the link to MB. I would love to see it!