Roy Disney Died!


So sad!!! I just saw this on Fox News. He was 79.


Oh no! So sad. I wonder what this means for the company?


Roy Edward Disney dies at 79; nephew of Walt helped revive animation –


Oh my… Prayers and Pixie dust to the Disney family


So sad. RIP Roy. I guess HM is full up now :sad:


So sad. My thoughts and prayers to his family.

I consider myself very lucky to have met him!!


Aw, that’s sad. So what Disneys are remaining? That’s not really a common name. I haven’t heard of any Disneys that weren’t directly related to Walt.


so sad especially at this time of year.


Just talking about him last night.

Anybody know about Walt’s kids?


[QUOTE=rlcarmichael;1008703]Just talking about him last night.

Anybody know about Walt’s kids?[/QUOTE]

I recall reading that Sharon is deceased, but Diane is still living. Not sure how current that information is, though.

EDIT: Here’s the Disney family tree (wiki, not necessarily accurate) Disney family - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia


Thanks for posting that. I never really knew the history of the Disney family, so it was interesting to read.


Roy E. is a hero to Disney stockholders, fighting against Eisner during the later days of Eisner’s tenure as well as fighting the hostile takeover of The Disney Company by Comcast.
Hopefully there will be a window for him on Main Street soon if there isn’t one already.


Sad day indeed.

Just looked at the link that LMM provided and saw that Walt’s oldest brother was born in Kissimmee, FL of all places. Funny that Walt would settle on that area for WDW 80+ years later.


Wow I didn’t know, thanks for posting. Sad indeed.


Today learning of Roy’s death was a great sadness to me. I heard the news moments before the Celebrate a Dream come True Parade. A fellow cast member looked at me and said “Roy’s died.” It hit me harder than I thought I would. I looked around at the cast of Disney characters that Roy fought so hard to protect and that star in beautiful movies that Roy brought to life. The music started up and my eyes started to water. Learning of Roy’s death I immediately thought one of the last living connects to Walt is gone. It made me wonder if maybe we shouldn’t have had a parade but Roy would want the show to go on. Roy wanted the show to go after Walt too. Roy was responsible for saving the company not once but twice. Roy was the ultimate champion of feature animation which is the heart and soul of the Walt Disney Company. My life will forever continue to be blessed thanks to his work and dedication.
Thank You for the Making the Magic Roy!!! We’ll continue to make you proud


Today while leaving WDW, DH notice the disney flag at boardwalk was at half-staff. I’m guessing this was the reason why.


Diane is no longer associating with the Disney company-her husband Ron was the president for a while but was ousted. Roy has saved the company several times when it has gotten bad, and I am sad to see the last of the Disneys leave the company. He was such an amazing man and I will miss him so much.