Royal Plaza


Has anyone ever stayed at the Hotel Royal Plaza in DTD???


I have never stayed there but I had a friend that did and LOVED it!!! Said it was wonderful and very much like staying on site!!!


Thats great to hear, we are staying there for 8 nights and i havent heard much about it, im glad she loved it, hopefully we will 2!!!


My wife and I stayed there once about a year ago and generally everything was fine - after riding the bus shuttle once, we opted to drive and park at the theme parks. We much prefer Disney transportation. Driving to the parks and around Disney worked out just fine for us. The hotel and the room was not a Dis hotel but all in all very compfy.



So all in all the hotel is pretty nice? Is there a castle there of somesort??


I don’t recall any castle , but they were in the middle of some renovations even while we were there. We spent little time at the hotel, but it was a convient walk to Downtown Dis. We went down and looked at the pool, but did not do any swimming there, it looked nice. Wish I could be more help, we slept there and that’s about it.


I have never stayed there but once visited with a friend there and I thought it was great, we had dinner and drinks there and it was of a very good standard. i think you’ll love it, and its so close to the Disney marketplace one way and the Crossroads shops the other-perfect!


Yes, DH and I have stayed there many years ago. To tell you how long ago it was, the MK was the only Park there. So, that was quite a few years ago.
Although, I do have to say it was nice. It’s just that we now prefer staying on property, and it’s only because of the bus transportation . Don’t know if the hotel’s on “hotel row” changed their bus system. But I do remember that one bus stopped at all the hotels. Believe me, it really became quite a pain. Plus, the buses would leave you off in the parking lot of which ever park you would go to. Like I said, it’s just my prefrence to stay on property. If you do stay at the Royal Plaza, I am sure you will like it!! Good luck!! :mickey: JOANN :flowers:


We also stayed there, we had a very big room. It has always been considered a higher scale hotel, even though now A “Disney” owned resort, it was nice. Do request a view of the Dowtown are, otherwise you will be looking out onto I-4. (if you up a flight or two) Check the Entertainment Book, we had 50% saving there!!!