Royal Table Sword gift


Not sure where to post this…

We did Cinderella’s Royal Table lunch on the Friday before Easter. My 4yo pirate was less than impressed with eating lunch with the princesses, until he received his royal sword. The newly ordained Knight spent the rest of the trip protecting his 7yo princess sister. It was the highlight of his trip.

We come home in time for Easter and at Easter dinner his cousin breaks the sword. :mad: :eek: My Knight did not see this happen and we are trying to keep him distracted until, well, we come up with a solution.

We tried calling Disney today with little luck. We tried the Mail Order service that lets you buy merchandise from the park stores. No luck as it is a specialty item. We tried to get through to the restaurant directly but either got cut off or misdirected. We tried customer service who directed us to the dining line who directed us to the merchandise line. :blink:

As you all might guess, it has nothing to do with the cost. Any thoughts where to turn???


Oh I was so sorry to read your post - those kind of losses can be hard when you’re just turned four- what about writing in to Disney customer relations and just writing in your letter exactly like you wrote it here. I think sometimes letters have more impact than telephone calls- its worth a try.


But letters take longer for a response. I think they’re trying to replace the sword so that the little one doesn’t know that something happened.

If you’re able to break it to him that something happened, definitely write guest services otherwise keep calling either the restaurant or guest relations.


We fired off some emails and we could write real letters too. Everyone at Disney has been very responsive - I am sure the problem is that we just haven’t found the right person.
We were given a phone number for the Castle restaurant, but that number won’t let you leave a message.


Oh, the poor little guy . . . too sad! :crying:

I’m going to WDW this weekend . . . I’ll inquire for you at the check in at CRT and see what I can find out? Maybe I can get you an address to mail off for one or something! I’ll pm you on Monday 3/31 when I return! :happy:


I would address a letter to the GM of the restaurant. Don’t send it to the generic mailbox where all the mail goes, send it to the RESTAURANT.

Enclose the photo of your DS with the sword. Who knows?

Anyway, the physical address of the restaurant is:

Cinderella’s Royal Table
1365 N Monorail Way
Bay Lake, FL 32830

Good luck!


Oh how sad, maybe mickeysgirlz can get you the right info this weekend. I will cross my fingers and send a little pixie dust your way.


I would try to get the restaurant on the phone again. Once you finally are able to get the right number (it can be hard, as you know) but then you can talk to their managers and I would imagine it being no problem for you to get a replacement so long as they have them. That sort of thing happened at Le Cellier when I was working there and it was no problem to mail something to a guest :smile:

p.s. I love your avatar, really sweet picture


ebay! My favorite place to find anything…


Could also PM to RowdyRaider…might be able to provide some assistance.


Thanks for all the help. I was out of town for a couple days and didn’t get to reply.

With the help of the folks on the main Disney number, I got transferred through the the kitchen of the CRT. :mickey: They put me on with a manager who took all my information and said he’d check and see what he could do. :mickey: I didn’t hear back after a couple days. :sad: I called back and spoke to another manager who never hesitated once when she said they’d mail one right out. :biggrin: More Disney magic, just as I would hope!!!

Thanks again everyone!!!


glad you got it worked out


That is so great. Let us know (with a picture of course) when you get the new sword!


Now thats WDW magic!


Oh I am so thrilled for you- your perseverance paid off, and now your DS will be so happy to have his special sword too-pictures would be great!


WELL GUESS WHAT HE’S GETTING TWO!! (If you want it?) I asked for you while we were there this weekend, and no questions asked she said, “Here give him this one!” And handed it to me!! So if you want it? I got it! All you need to do is PM me your address and I’ll mail it to you!! :happy:


I love it! What great helpers MB’ers are. What an awesome conclusion to such a sad dilemma. Magic!


our great friends here just help to keep the magic alive!


Ill send ya one if you do not get the one from them. I have two at the house.

just let me know


That was really a nice thing for you to do! Very, very sweet!!!