Rumor about the Future of the Theatre in the Wild at AK


the theatre that housed the old Tarzan Rocks show…

I got my newsletter via email from Passporter, and it states this:

“Tarzan Rocks at Theatre in the Wild (Disney’s Animal Kingdom) held is final performance last week and is now closed. The theatre will be getting a makeover (including air conditioning) and is expected to re-open in October, possibly with a show based on the “Finding Nemo” movie.”

What does everyone think about this ?!


Finding Nemo???
In the jungle??? :huh: :huh: :huh:

Seems like an odd choice to me, but I’m sure whatever they do will be amazing. :biggrin: Thanks for the update!


I like the idea, sounds like it may be a show along the lines of the Lion King maybe.

I am still suprised there aren’t more Toy Story & Monsters Inc related shows and attractions in WDW.


Why don’t they create the Finding Nemo ride up by the old 20,000 Leagues ride???



I’m all for a Finding Nemo-themed show,but not in AK.


Eh, if it’s Disney, I’ll dig it.


They just totally rehauled The Living Seas with a Finding Nemo theme.

Could this be a plot by Nemo, Dory and Crush to take over WDW?


The biggest problem is not that Nemo couldn’t fit somewhere in AK, but the theatre is located in Dinoland!! Unfortunately that does not lend itself to a lot of options already.

Maybe a cool Mulan show would have been much better and could have loosely tied to the Asia area of the park. Unfortuantely all sources for some time now agree Nemo and enclosing the theatre is the current plan.


The rumors we heard all mentioned Finding Nemo. I really don’t think that this is where that belongs, but I also can’t think of anything better (maybe a Bambi show?)


I think a Bambi show is a great idea, but I also think it would naturally tend to appeal to a very young audience. And DAK already has a show like that - Pocahantas and Her Forest Friends.

Nice to see you posting again David!


No, a Bizarro Finding Nemo ride would involve Nemo’s adventures in the desert. “Goodbye, me am Bizarro- Nemo! See how me wave unlucky fin! Look, there am Bizarro-Dorrie! She have memory like elephant! Oh, no, it am Bizarro-Bruce the Shark! He am trying to overcome addiction to vegetables!”



From what I have heard…the show will be like the little mermaid one where it involves puppets on black screen which hides the puppeteers and wires and such…and that it will focus on the main scenes from the movie…I always thought they would wait to build a Australia land and then put this in it.


Maybe this will be the future lead in to Australia. The land could connect from there to Rafiki’s Planet Watch.


to be honest, I’d be happywith anything that went in there. I don’t think Nemo is the best theme for the theatre poss Jungle book would suit better?~ but if it’s to be NEmo, then so be it. I certainly won’t boycott the theatre if that’s the way they wanna go. I’ll go see anything! Disney is Disney after all. It’s all fab! :happy:


You’re thinking like an Imagineer Ariel!

Actually, there was a Jungle Book show in that very theatre, and I was lucky enough to see it. It only lasted about a year, the first year of DAK’s existence. It opened in 1998, and closed in '99.


oh cool Ingamba! I never knew that. Thanks for the info~ would be great to find some pictures of it…do you have any?

Oh well, as I said, I will still be happy with whatever they decide to out in it’s place. As long as i re-opens I’m chuffed!


Yeah, how much Nemo do we need really? I mean he’s a cute fish as far as fish go but I think they could use the space more wisely. They had a jungle book show there before tarzan and that was pretty cute.


Click this link: for a glimpse into DAK’s past, and at one of its original shows.


If only Brother Bear had stayed in the theatres a bit longer then it might be the perfect show…


With you on that…BIZARR-O indeed., :dry: