Rumor: enchanted part 2


According to Variety, it appears Disney is planning a sequel to the hit movie, Enchanted. Replacing script writer, Bill Kelley, will be Jessie Nelson (I am Sam). Barry Josephson and Barry Sonnenfield will return as producers and odds are that Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey will return as well.


Great movie. We’ll watch part 2 for sure.


Best news Ive had all day! :smiley:


Come on little friends as we all sing a happy little working song… merry little voices clear and strong, come and roll your sleeves up so to speak and pitch in! Cleaning crud up in the kitchen as we siiiinnnngggg along!


O that is exciting I hope it’s true!


Thats great, I’ll be getting that one for sure, gotta LOVE disney movies (L).