Rumor or Fact


I just heard that Disney just bought up a ton of land by San Antonio, TX. Can anyone tell me if they have heard of this or not.


I would be pretty surprised if it is true. This kind of rumor crops up pretty often – I have heard it for Texas, New Jersey, Missouri and so forth. So far, nothing has ever been a true story (drats!) Keep your fingers crossed that someday, they DO build a new Disney destination!


I saw that same rumor a couple years ago on another Disney forum. Like Miss Disney said, rumors of another park have been around for a long time.


I have heard that, but I don’t remeber where


We have heard the rumor before, but as they do plan to build a park in Malaysia (we had posted in Nov. I believe), would find it difficult to believe that they would take on 2 big projects at the same time.


I remember this rumor sprouting about a year ago and reading somewhere that disney released that while they always have projects on the drawing board they are not opening another theme park in the US.



I didn’t start it.


San Antonio would put Disney head to head with the Six Flags park that is usually voted as number one in entertainment and a Sea World park with a major coaster as well that doesn’t open during the winter months. San Antonio in the summer would be as brutal or more brutal than Orlando, except without all the rain and in the winter, it would possibly be colder than LA. Not a good call for a year round park.
Doesn’t make much sense.


We don’t believe you.


I just heard a rumor about looking at land in Burnet Texas which is NW of Austin…no theme parks in the Austin area to worry about and the climate it great…it would be SOOOO cool if it would happen, but I’m not holding my breath.


Heard this rumor a few years ago. Disney does own land in Texas as well as many other states. I was told a month or so ago Disney just bought 1900 acres here in Louisiana. Not sure what their long range goals are…maybe the United States of Disney? :laugh:

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