Rumor or not


Anyone feel like going fishing, lol. Lot’s of talk going around about not being able to enter MK for MNSSHP and MVMCP until 7 unless you use a park tic. Only having a tic to the party will not allow early entry at 4 anymore.
Hasn’t this been spoken of for several years now? Apparently the CM’s are quoting this now as well. If WDW decides to finally enforce this it’s not going to make those with early ADR’s going in on party tic only very happy,:whistling


I don’t think it was EVER a spoken rule. Whenever I asked I was told, “No party is 7-midnight” We’ve never had a problem going early though!

I don’t know why they would change it. Most people who come early to the parks come for dinner before MNSSHP. ($$$ spent) AND the admission price is $59.95 which is close enough to a full day admission.

Since I JUST bought my tickets, guess I’ll have to test it out (luckily I have my AP to back me up) :wink:


We’ve always entered at 4ish. We intend to enter at 4 Oct. 19, hope we can?


Called today and was told 7:00 P.M. is being enforced as of now.
I guess we’ll see what the future holds.


Yikes hope this is just a rumor! Booked LTT for 4:30 the night of MVMCP and I don’t have hoppers on our tickets (we’ll be at AK that morning). I guess we’ll find out soon enough!


Just another reason why hoppers make better sense more often than not.
I don’t think this is more than a rumor though for the simple fact that they do not want to be having a full park population swap going on at 7 PM, right when they’re working hard to purge day guests. The thought of dealing with a full swing of 60,000 guests in a half hour through a single point of entry/exit is unrealistic.


Rumor or not this is what CM’s are being told to tell the guests. Is it to possibly deter some so not to come early and benefit for several hours not paid for? Who knows. They probably won’t turn people away at the gates but i’d hate to be one with an early ADR if they did.


This is a dilemma. I am going the first day of MNSSHP (which we added a day onto our Universal trip when I found out it started that day to get my Disney fix) and we already have a 4:30 reservation at LTT and transportation arranged. Should I cancel the LTT reservation and try to get one at Chef Mickey’s or Ohana? I don’t like to make dual reservations for the same time frame because I don’t believe that is fair. Hmm … what to do?


I would not cancel any in park reservations. They’ll take your ticket, give you a wrist band, and send you on your way.
If you start to look at times, you’re going to hit the turnstile between 4:20 and 4:30. You’ll probably get seated by about 4:50 and your meal will take about 80 minutes. In other words, by the time you finish your meal, they should be letting party guests into the park as they are actively herding day guests out.


I just spoke with someone in reservations to reserve the Pirate’s League for the boys for MNSSHP and she had a 6:30 reservation that she would not let me make because she said they would not allow anyone in before 7pm with only an event ticket. She also said we would not be allowed in for dinner prior to 7pm as well. I don’t know if this will be what happens when we get there, but this is what I was told today. Just thought I would let everyone know what was told to me.

eta ~ I sent an email to guest services about this and hope to have some sort of clarification soon.


I’d still keep the reservation regardless of what they tell you.
I don’t know if you’re getting park hopper passes or base tickets. If you have hoppers, you won’t have a problem. I’ll assume that you will have gone to a different park in the morning. If you have a hopper, or better still, an annual pass, you’ll be able to enter all of the parks during the day and also use the hopper to enter MK before 7 PM.
Once you have park hopper tickets, you’ll wonder how you ever did WDW without them because you’re now free to change parks as easily as you take your next breath.


I’m not buying Disney ticket’s at all this trip. :ninja: I added a day to our Universal trip to see Harry Potter so I could add MNSSHP and get my Disney fix. :mickey: I am not going to buy another roughly 80 dollar ticket for all of us to get in an hour or so early to spend another hundred or so dollars for dining, and I am not going to waste 2 hours of MNSSHP, if I could find an open reservation, eating. So, if they changed it, I will just cancel my reservation and eat before we head over from the Hard Rock Hotel. I’ll probably cancel the pirate league reservations too because I don’t think there is any way they will logistically be able to get that many people in the park while getting the regular day guests out quickly enough for me to make those reservations.

eta ~ I don’t think I could do a trip without park hoppers! We usually go for 8 days and I always get park hoppers. :laugh:


I finally got a response to my email. Disney called and left me a message saying that we would be allowed entrance at 4pm with MNSSHP tickets and to enjoy our trip. They did add that all entertainment is subject to change without notice, but it looks like that was just a rumor and they will be allowing the 4pm entry as in the past!


glad to hear that. As mentioned in my earlier post it was something going around because of the info many CM’s were giving out when people called, as they did when you called too. Apparently it’s an old policy that’s not being enforced but it would def ruin someone’s day if they showed up and Disney decided to follow procedure if they were unaware of the possibilities.
Have fun on your trip.