~*Rumor*~No more characters at LTT~*Rumor*~


This is just a rumor as Disney hasn’t announced any changes.

As of 1/6/09 there will no longer be character at Liberty Tree Tavern.

Another rumor is the Garden Grill will no longer be serving lunch. It will continue to be open for dinner with the characters but lunch will end in October.

I’m sad. :crying:


The whole reason I go there is for the characters dressed in colonial style clothing… seriously. Without the character, I probably would not go back.


I agree, we also go for the characters. The food is ok but I have read the prices are staying the same just no characters. That’s a lot of money for so so food.


I agree with the “so so food”. I am not very impressed with it. Last time we ate there the mac & cheese was more like soup. It’s not terrible, it’s just that for the price, I think I can do better.


I agree, we can do better food-wise. The atmosphere has a lot to do with how much we enjoy our meal and the characters made the food taste so much better.


I agree with lunch being good, we went there a couple of years ago and enjoyed a quiet lunch.


I also think the characters dressed as they are make the meal. They are one of the better ones for interacting with the people too. I think this will make people chose other places to eat.


i am so glad we are going to LTT for diner in december. we’ve never been and this will probably be our 1 and only time, considering the characters will no longer be there starting in 2009.

we made our adr there because of the characters…not the food.


Oh that is a bummer . . . where did you read this?

This and garden grill are like the last character meals with Chip and Dale . . . DD8 will not be happy! :crying:


That would be sad if it is true! We were talking about trying this for the first time next time we go- we though it would be fun to see the characters in their unique costumes. Don’t know now…


I read it on a couple of different boards this weekend. People said they called and WDW-DINE CMs told them the information was correct. If it’s true I’m sad.

Only lunch has changed at Garden Grill, dinner will be the same.


This is so sad. The characters are the ONLY reason I go to each of these places. I personally don’t like the food at either one. Luckily we had an ADR at LT for dinner one night during our trip. I will have to try and get a lunch ADR at GG. This is DD8s favorite place to eat and see the characters. We probably will never do these again:crying: .


That’s sounds so odd. It seemed disney was adding characters all over the place. Why take them away from such a busy place? Same for cutting out lunch at garden grill, it always seemed mobbed at lunch. Wonder why the changes?


This is what was posted on WDW News Today’s site

Character Dining Changes
June 28, 2008

Some interesting rumors about dining changes to Walt Disney World are making the rounds this weekend, claiming that the Magic Kingdom’s Liberty Tree Tavern restaurant will be removing its character dinner as an option in January 2009 and that Epcot’s Garden Grill Restaurant inside The Land pavilion will remove the lunch option and only offer a character dinner starting this October. While we can-not deny or verify these rumors at this time, we will keep you informed on the subject as information becomes available.


Glad We have reservations at the LTT in Sept.


Oh that is a shame. I am glad we have both booked for August. My dh will be the one who is most disappointed about LTT. :frowning:


Oh that is a shame about losing the characters at LTT- however, we prefer lunch there rather than dinner.


At this points it’s all rumor. I’m hoping it’s not true but several people claim to have been told through a phone call to Disney dining.


I’ll be calling later on today, I will plan on asking then.


Yea, let us know what you’re told.