Rumor...or not


I was at WDW last week… and I saw two different sets of people in different parks with construction plans. They were in regular dress clothes, and standing near Aladdin facing the tiki room (that was what they were looking at-I think) with construction plans. When the bottom fell out of the clouds-they ran to the jungle cruise and stood there for a few minutes… I wonder what they were doing…

ok-my brain cannot remember where we saw the other set with plans… i will think about it and try to remember…

Just a curiosity, maybe not yet a rumor!


Hmm it will be interesting to see if anything new develops in those areas.


What? You didn’t hover? You didn’t get close enough to sneak a peak?

What’s wrong with you? :laugh:


A monsoon broke out-or I would have. I was trying to get close enough to eavesdrop, but they were very quiet. I don’t know why they were trying to be quiet anyway… didn’t they know that I was curious? I am sure that they did not feel my eyes burning into the backs of their heads as I walked past them…
I know-why should a little rain stop anyone? But they ran to the jungle cruise… Come to think of it- I should have “Escorted”/ (kidnapped) them on the 2 week cruise!


What… what’s changing…


You could’ve acted like you were looking for cover, too… underneath their clipboards. :laugh:


Man I can’t wait til DS is an imagineer!


Maybe it’s the plans for the Pirate restaurant that’s been rumored?


Hmm . . . we need more info. Where’s a mole when you need one?


Many, MANY years ago, we were in the Magic Kingdom, and saw these two suits with blueprints standing in front of the old Delta Dream Flight building. I walked right in back of them looked over their shoulders, {I am 6’8" tall} and saw the plans for Buzz Lightyear. I asked one of the guys what it was, and he simply said, “think toy story”


Neat! You were “in the know” ahead of time!!

I agree with mickeygirlz…maybe it’s the Pirate restaurant?


… or maybe they saw a lightbulb out and were debating whether to go with a 60-watter or a 75-watter!

LOL… just kidding. I bet it was for the new restaurant!


LOL!! Too funny!:laugh:

How awesome to be there in the planning stages of something new.:pirate:


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again . . . Imagineers have the COOLEST job! :wub: