Rumors of my demise are overstated


Hi all,
I am sorry to have dropped off the boards for a while. lets just say medical things are better now. So where did i leave off? Ok we were in the world for my oldest daughter’s 19th birthday. The weather was great and the crowds on the last day were unsurmountable (sic). We toned down the cost and stayed at Pop Century instead of CS to save the money for birthday suprise presents. It was a great little trip. My youngest daughter had a run-in with Push that i caught on video that i will be trying to upload to youtube also to share with you all. I will be uploading pictures later. Again my apoligies for being otherwise occupied, but that is corrected now.

-Captain Bax


Glad problems are past.

When we saw push last time, he (it) asked us to throw our trash into the can. We thought we must have misunderstood. I would have thought there would be some workings in there that wouldn’t like melted ice cream to interact with.


Sounds like you had a good time.


Wonderful. Now I am waiting for a completed trip report with pictures and a link to the video :smile:


Great to see you back here- can’t wait for the TR with photos!