Rumors or wish they were true


I was thinking of what could have been done for the 40th Anniversary of WDW and came up with a few ideas. How about replacing The Jungle Cruise with a POTC coaster and then next door replacing The Swiss Family Treehouse with a replica of the Black Pearl that you could explore and then nearby a restaurant that could be a character meal with the POTC characters. This could be great for people that have been clamoring for character meals for boys and I bet the mom’s wouldn’t be too sad having to meet a Johnny Depp look-alike either. What do you think? :pirate:


A new character meal would be great, esp if it were one that WASN’T a buffet. As for the other, i’d want to see an addition rather than replacement.


SFT is an original. The thought of getting rid of it is blasphemy.

Now I could do with a new coaster, but not at the expense of the current SFT or POTC.


I could almost give up Jungle Cruise but only because our last 10 - 15 guides have been terrible. I don’t know if I have to come expect too much lately or what, but our guides have been absolutely terrible!


The kids have no clue what Swiss Family Robinson is, so we always skip that one. I would love to see them update that attraction to reflect something more current.


Nooo!!! I like the Jungle Cruise!

It is very popular, too… there is almost always a ridiculous wait. I think it’s a popular FP for families with young kids because there is no height requirement and it’s not intense.

I KNOW!!! What if they decorated Cinderella’s Castle LIKE A GIANT BIRTHDAY CAKE!!! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh:


Just to give you a little hope, we had a real funny cast member a couple of weeks ago. He was really pulling the crowd into it and had everyone laughing (except for the idiot who couldn’t stay off his cell phone during the entire ride, but that’s okay because he was the brunt of a couple jokes).


God help us all if we have to go through that again.


love the jungle cruise . last time we had a great guide she had a very dry sense of humor…


Love the idea of a pirate character meal!

But the Jungle Cruise must remain.

As for updating the Treehouse… well, the Disneyland Tarzan re-do is kind of lame. I like the Swiss Family Robinson theme.


I haven’t done either in so long, but wouldn’t want them to go. With all the expansions they are doing, they should just “make room” for a pirate area.


I havent done either in a while, but they to me they
are classic Disney so they need to stay. Im fine with
new adding new coasters though:pirate:


:blush:[QUOTE=asp8tis;1073006]The kids have no clue what Swiss Family Robinson is, so we always skip that one. I would love to see them update that attraction to reflect something more current.[/QUOTE]

Before we took our first trip I had my kids watch SFR…they still love the movie. Having said that the attraction is kind of BLAH. My boys would love a pirate ship they could explore! And a character meal for boys…with a look-a -like Johnny Depp…I am so there:blush:


My DD’s would love a pirate theme restaurant too! They love pirates! Disney really should consider making a pirate character meal.


A pirate character meal would be great! I love the Jungle Cruise, so that has to stay. But I’m fine with getting rid of SFT or at least making it better. I hadn’t been in it in a really long time, so the last time we were there, we did it. As lame as I remember. Definitely needs a spruce up.


Nooooooo!! No getting rid of JC until I can be a skipper. At least. Or maybe we can just get rid of the idea of getting rid of it altogether. It’s a classic. I do agree that sometimes the skippers are lame, but that’s no reason to get rid of the whole thing.