Running into a snag


Hi there,

We are sixty days away from a vacation we’ve been planning for over a year and my mom just informed me that my sister would like to join us for a couple days of the trip. She and my dad and my DD13 are staying in a connecting room to ours where DH and I and our two other children will be staying. My mom wants to have my sister just join them in their room for a couple of days. I thought I had read somewhere that that wasn’t allowed. Can anyone shed some light on this for me? Can she just show up to the hotel and stay for a couple of days? We are staying at All Star Movies Resort.



No, they will not allow more than 4 people per room… some rooms can allow 5, but it is for rooms that have a trundle bed (POR), or the deluxe hotels that have a day bed in the room…Plus it will be crowded in there…


Thanks, Hanwill. It wouldn’t be 5 in the room though. My sister would make 4, but she wouldn’t be part of the package we’d booked. She would just be coming for two of the ten days we are booked there. I just thought that I had read somewhere that she’d have to be part of the package since we didn’t do room-only.



If you have a package you can’t add her for a couple of days, I believe everyone has to be on the same package for the whole trip. I’m sure you wouldn’t be the first family to have her stay in the room and not tell the resort. She won’t have a room key and can’t take part in any EMH since everyone needs a room key for that.


Yep, you’re right. We actually did this once. My sister’s plane was getting in super late (1am) and she needed a place to crash for the night before heading on to her destination the next day. She stayed in our room with us and we didn’t tell the resort. I’m sure we could have gotten in trouble. Everything was fine except she took a taxi from the airport and I completely forget about security at the gate. Luckily, she used my name and called me to get the room number. So…if you want to chance I suppose you could, just make sure she’s prepared to get through security!


Yes, a package might make a difference… Hope you get it all worked out- Have a great trip!