Running routes


My DW runs every day. We are staying at WLV in October and she is wondering if there is a running trail at the resort?? I know many of the resorts have running routes. Help!!


There’s a nice (though short) running trail from WL/WLV to Fort Wilderness. It’s alongside the access road, but is separated by a strip of “forest,” so it does feel more like a trail and less like a sidewalk. It’s technically the bike trail, so it’s marked with a yellow dotted line. Because the trail is so short, after running to FW I like to return by way of the waterfront. She could also do a circuit of FW before returning, which would make the run a bit longer (and interesting to check out everyone’s crazy campsite decor!).

There are several other trails throughout the wooded areas on the property, but these are very wooded and pretty “root-y.” They’re also rather secluded, which makes me loathe to run them as a woman alone (cell phone reception is pretty crappy, too, out there).


Don’t know of any personally at WDW, but I travel a lot and I always ask the concierge. They can usually recommend something, but they never seem to be aware of how long a trail/loop really is and what a runner actually looks for in a loop. I usually take their recomendations and try to build my own route around it, knowing the their estimate of the mileagi is usually wrong. I try to estimate what I’ve done based on how long it takes me to run it.