Ryan Gosling Walt movie


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I took this from the E! online site. Too bad it’s not true!

Ryan Gosling in a biopic of Walt Disney? From the mind of Ron Howard? Um, yes, please.

Unfortunately (for now, anyway), that movie partnership dream team doesn’t just scream “Oscar bait.” It screams “gotcha,” too.

That’s because Walt, the buzziest movie of the year so far (sorry, Hunger Games) doesn’t even exist, but instead is the brainchild of an artist who created this zeitgeisty fan-made movie poster.

You paying attention, Hollywood?

The man behind the movement is French graphic artist Pascal Witaszek, who released the image of the fictional movie poster online over the weekend.

Play"The Hunger Games" Premiere

PlayJennifer Lawrence Takes Part in the “Games”

PlayJosh Hutcherson’s “Hunger Games” Trials
Featuring Gosling as a young, mustachioed, dreaming and, yes, dreamy Walt (complete with fictional directing credit to Howard and clever tagline: “Of a mouse and a man”) didn’t take long to sweep the Internet, and fans are more or less clamoring for the real thing.

Could it happen?

Well, if there’s anyone out there who’s well-versed in turning fairy-tale dreams into reality, it’s the fine folks over at the Mouse House. Add to that Gosling’s own past association to the company—he did, after all, get his start on The New Mickey Mouse Club—and his well-documented penchant for trips to Disneyland, and we think you’ve got a match made in movie heaven.

Come on, Hollywood. Let’s make this happen.


I hope you are happy…you have ruined April Fools for me…ruined.


So sorry! :frowning: Didn’t even think of that


if done right it will be a great movie…by the way saw John Carter today,I really enjoyed it…I recomend people to go seeit …a nice film


Honestly, I’m surprised they havn’t made this biopic already, there’s got to be a script already penned on some big wigs desk somewhere!

I want that poster, real or not!